This particular Galaxie received a painstaking restoration courtesy of Dave Dunlavy, who purchased it four years ago. While he isn’t a professional restorer, Dunlavy was thrilled to tackle the electrical and mechanical intricacies of the retractable hardtop. “Re-assembling the top mechanism with the six motors, 10 solenoids and more adjustable switches than I care to count, was not easy,” he admits. However, together with help from local body and audio shops, Dunlavy restored the Galaxie to perfect health. Everything from the extensive brightwork to the brakes—which “will throw you through the windshield,” Dunlavy writes—is in fine fettle.

He and his wife Bev now have a modern, reliable car they can drive anywhere in the U.S. and, thanks to a wireless control mechanism for the retractable hardtop, they also have a fun party trick. Dunlavy writes: “When I show the top operation by saying “Alexa, top up” and press the remote control hidden in my pocket, whole families are entertained.”

See the progress of his restoration below!


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