Aaron Rodgers is perplexed about why everyone hates Joe Buck; Bill Maher, just hearing about this concept for the first time, could not understand it either.

Rodgers appeared on Maher’s “Club Random” podcast. The Packers quarterback ripped the leadership in his native California, saying the state is “going to s–t” and There was also some sports media talk.

“There’s some good ones and there’s some not-so-great-ones,” Rodgers said, talking about NFL announcers. “I loved [Troy] Aikman and Buck.”

Bill Maher and Aaron Rodgers can't understand why people hate Joe Buck.
Bill Maher and Aaron Rodgers can’t understand why people hate Joe Buck.
Club Random podcast
Joe Buck and Troy Aikman are joining ESPN's 'Monday Night Football' this season.
Joe Buck and Troy Aikman are joining ESPN’s ‘Monday Night Football’ this season.
ABC via Getty Images

Maher chimed in: “I love Joe Buck. I think he’s fantastic.”

Rodgers responded about the vitriol that Buck gets from a number of fans.

“A lot of people hate him!” he marveled.

Maher was stunned: “Hate him? Why? What’s to hate?”

Both Rodgers and Maher professed to being big fans of Buck. They both also had high praise for Aikman.

“Now they’re both on ESPN,” Rodgers said, of the duo’s move away from Fox after more than two decades together there. “ESPN finally has a good crew.”

Maher was still flummoxed about fans who dislike Buck. “Why do people hate Joe Buck?” he asked again.

“I have no idea,” Rodgers responded.

Maher continued: “That is so America right now. We’re so full of hate, that they even hate people there are nothing to hate about. I understand why people hate me. I’m controversial. I say a million things.”

“That’s why they hate me too! If you’re controversial, they hate you,” Rodgers interjected.

“Okay, so I understand why they hate us,” Maher interjected. “But why hate Joe Buck?”


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