Airplane Essentials to Stay Healthy and Comfortable 

Anyone who follows me on Instagram Story knows there’s something I always do when I board a flight. Literally, I do this every single time. I whip out my disinfectant wipes and start sanitizing the seat arms, tray, screens and anything I’ll come in contact with during my flight. So in addition to being the carry-on queen {I never, ever check bags!}, I’ve also developed a routine that has served me well and kept me healthy.

Well, last week Naomi Campbell {the supermodel Naomi!} posted a video where she shared her airplane routine and guess what? She does the same thing! It’s all about staying healthy and minimizing your contact with yucky germs. Because trust me, those seat trays and pretty much everything on a plane, are absolutely filthy.

In addition to my wipe down process, I actually carry what I call a “flight pouch” on every trip. I keep this bag packed at all times and it has hands down kept me healthy and made flights more comfortable.

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Y’al know I pack efficiently, so the pouch I carry with me is also small. I bought a ton of these clear cosmetic bags for a few bucks and they’ve held up pretty well. The size means they can fit into my personal bag which I stash under my seat and since it’s clear, I can see everything without even having to open it.

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I never board a flight without my Clorox disinfectant wipes. I tend to buy these from Target, but you can get these antibacterial wipes anywhere. I try to buy ones that don’t have much of a scent. Also, I carry a small container of hand sanitizer. Because what’s the point of wiping my area down if my actual hands are still dirty?! And look closely at the pic below. You might notice a bit of plastic around the opening of the hand sanitizer. That’s because I place plastic wrap around the opening so if the flip cap opens up, I don’t have to worry about the liquid spilling out in my bag.

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Not pictured is my Emergen-C powdered drink pouches…or at least the generic version. I actually pack a few of these and drink one the day before a trip, the day of travel and right after traveling.

Those are the items that help to keep me healthy, but I also carry a few other essentials, including CBD muscle balm to alleviate an achy neck or back. And of course some moisturizing hand lotion. I usually just take one of these small bottles of lotion from whatever hotel I’m staying at and sometimes I even mix in a bit of grapeseed or rosehip oil in the bottle.

I’ve seen some women who wear makeup when they fly and not to judge, but…I could never. Planes are just soooooo dry and can wreak havoc on your skin so besides filling in my sparse brows, I keep my skin makeup free. But I absolutely have to keep my skin moisturized, so I actually have a small container of night cream {Dermalogica’s Sound Sleep Cocoon}. While I’d normally wear this before going to bed, I apply a bit during a flight to help combat the dry air. I’ve even gone as far as to bring eye patches with me. And if you feel self conscious about people staring at you, just wear oversized sunglasses and no one will really notice the eye patches. Also, I reapply sunscreen. I love a window seat and you can absolutely be exposed to UVA and UVB rays when you’re thousands of miles in the sky. Instead of dealing with any lotions or sprays, I like Alba’s sunscreen stick. I bought this on a whim at TJ Maxx and like it so far. I have noticed that it can leave a bit of a white cast, so I usually layer a dab of facial oil over it.

And though I don’t wear makeup on flights, there have been times when I need to head straight from the airport to an event or meeting so I use my handy contact lens case travel beauty hack and add a few drops of foundation to one side and usually an oil {the one I mentioned above!} in the other side. A small powder compact and this handy retractable makeup brush means I’m set. This is super easy to apply in the airport bathroom or even in the backseat of a car and it doesn’t require me to dig through my bags or unpack a ton of stuff.


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