She’s a notable name in the racecar world! Stephen Colletti is finding love with his new girlfriend, Alex Weaver. The Laguna Beach alum introduced fans to the NASCAR reporter in August 2022, but what else is there to know about his new lady love? Keep reading for details on her career, net worth and more. 

What Is Alex Weaver’s Job?

Just like Stephen, the blonde beauty is in the entertainment world. However, reality TV is not her gig. Alex works as a NASCAR host and reporter, often appearing behind the desk on Backseat Drivers. Before nabbing her hosting gig, Alex was also a coordinator for video strategy at NASCAR, per her LinkedIn.

Prior to joining the racecar world, she worked at ESPN as a student reporter and on air talent while attending school at Clemson University.

Where Is Alex Weaver From?

Alex’s LinkedIn revealed that she’s based in Charlotte, North Carolina where NASCAR is headquartered, and her Reddit AMA from March 2022 revealed that she’s lived there her whole life.

“Born and raised here in the Charlotte area so I grew up around NASCAR. My grandfather was a HUGE fan and never missed a race on Sundays,” Alex wrote on Reddit. “That’s the background I had growing up, didn’t know a whole lot about the sport other than who I was supposed to cheer for to make my grandfather happy on Sunday afternoon. Post college, NASCAR reached out with an opportunity. My grandfather had passed away years prior and I saw the job opportunity as a sign from him. 4.5 years later, here we are!”

According to her February 2020 interview on the “Rich Take on Sports” podcast, Alex’s dad was a football player at East Carolina University and her mom was a cheerleader at Clemson University before they met. The reporter was born Jordan Alexis Weaver and she’s also an only child, per the same podcast interview.

What Is Alex Weaver’s Net Worth?

While it’s unclear how much money the NASCAR host makes, it’s been reported that her estimated net worth is upwards of $300,000.

Who Is Stephen Colletti's New Girlfriend? Alex Weaver's Job, Net Worth and More
Stephen Colletti/Instagram

How Did Alex Weaver and Stephen Colletti Meet?

The two did not disclose the details of their meetings, but Stephen went public with Alex via Instagram in August 2022. “Magic hours are a bit more magical this year,” the former reality star captioned their first photo together. Previously, eagle-eyed fans noticed Stephen leaving flirty comments on Alex’s Instagram posts.

“Fam is back for #BackseatDrivers this week — see you then!” Alex captioned a photo of herself. At the time, Stephen wrote back, “Fam jam,” alongside a fire emoji. Too cute!


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