CNN daytime anchor Ana Cabrera will flee the cost-cutting network for a role at rival MSNBC, two people familiar with the situation told The Post.

The anchor, who currently hosts CNN’s 1 p.m. hour, confirmed Thursday that she is leaving the Warner Bros. Discovery-owned network, which laid off hundreds of workers this month.

Cabrera tweeted that her last day at CNN would be next week after working there for nearly a decade.

“Goodbyes are hard,” she wrote. “Thank you CNN for everything. (My final show will be a week from today, Dec. 22.) I’m looking forward starting a new chapter in my career, and excited for new opportunities, challenges and growth to come!”

That opportunity will come at MSNBC, two sources told The Post.

Cabrera will re-emerge as the anchor of the 11 a.m. slot at MSNBC, which is owned by NBCUniversal, after sitting out the non-compete clause in her CNN contract, Variety reported.

Cabrera, who joined CNN in 2013, is expected to re-emerge at NBCU’s sister network MSNBC.
Twitter / @AnaCabrera

MSNBC declined to comment. CNN and Cabrera didn’t respond to requests for comment.

Cabrera exits CNN amid steep cost cuts at the ratings-challenged network. Earlier this month, CNN boss Chris Licht slashed hundreds of jobs, including well-known CNN correspondents Alison Kosik, Martin Savidge, Alex Field, Mary Ann Fox and Chris Cillizza, as well as gutting sister network HLN.

Cabrera’s departure was her decision and not part of that bloodbath, multiple sources told The Post.

ana cabrera
Cabrera exits CNN during a tumultuous time at the network, which is in the midst of restructuring under its boss Chris Licht.
Twitter / @AnaCabrera

Cabrera, who joined CNN in 2013, has hosted two presidential town halls and was first to interview former US Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley following a historic vote on North Korea sanctions. She also anchored nine consecutive hours of breaking-news coverage following a terrorist attack on London Bridge in 2017.


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