Oh, my gosh — it’s happening. Tell Me Lies stars Jackson White and Grace Van Patten seemingly confirmed their relationship, and fans are freaking out.

After months of speculation that the Hulu stars were more than just costars, the two appeared to set the record straight at the CFDA Fashion Awards in November 2022. Not only did the duo hold hands while walking the red carpet together, but Jackson shared a pretty cryptic series of photo booth pictures via Instagram Stories. In fact, he even covered one shot with a rather telling emoji, and social media users have speculated that he and Grace are kissing in the non-visible picture.

Keep reading for more details on Jackson and Grace’s relationship rumors.  

Are Jackson White and Grace Van Patten Dating?

They just might be! While they didn’t technically confirm their relationship, Jackson’s Instagram Stories post is pretty telling of where they stand. While fans couldn’t see if the two were sharing a smooch, it seems pretty plausible that they were letting everyone know what’s going on in their love lives.

Wait, What! Are 'Tell Me Lies' Stars Jackson White and Grace Van Patten Dating? Details
Jackson White/Instagram

Not to mention, the cryptic social media post comes just after both Jackson and Grace revealed their “crush” on one another.

What Have Jackson and Grace Said About Each Other?

Dating speculation between the two first started swirling in October 2022 when Grace spoke to E! News about her costar, revealing that she had the “biggest crush ever” on him. In a separate interview, she kept it coy saying “who knows” when asked what is happening between them in real life.

“Fans should just leave it up for mystery, keep it fun,” Grace told Entertainment Tonight in October 2022 about their relationship status. “It’s so fun getting to do all of this together. It’s just great. We never stop hanging out with the cast. We hang out all the time.”

Jackson echoed her feelings weeks later while appearing on Dear Media’s “Not Skinny But Not Fat” podcast.

“I have such a crush on her,” he admitted during the episode. “I hope that happens. I don’t know. I mean, our lives are built in together. We have so much to do together. She is the f—king coolest, most grounded, amazing person IRL that you’ll ever meet. She was the fearless leader on our show. She’s 25 years old and runs a set like she’s been doing this for 30 years. She’s so consistent and good at this.”


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