Season 2 of Netflix’s Love Is Blind may have come to an end, but fans are wondering if a romance has sparked between contestants Kyle Abrams and Deepti Vempati. The Netflix stars are returning to continue their story on season 2 of Love Is Blind: After the Altar — but are Kyle and Deepti dating? Keep reading to find out everything we know about Kyle and Deepti’s current relationship status.

When Did Kyle and Deepti First Spark Dating Rumors?

Kyle and Deepti first sparked romance rumors in March 2022. After she uploaded a group photo alongside Kyle and fellow Netflix stars Salvador Perez and Shayne Jansen, the post sent fans into a tizzy as many begged Deepti to reveal whether she and Kyle were together.

“Please tell me that you and Kyle are a thing,” one fan commented. “Literally, got chills from the way he looks at her!” another person replied, whereas a separate commenter even told her to “give Kyle a chance.”

After the tell-all episode became available to stream that day, Kyle also posted a TikTok video with Deepti, spurring relationship speculation. Although it’s unclear when his video was taken, he shared a clip of himself smiling, quickly panning the camera over to Deepti standing next to him.

Multiple people commented on the video in support of them bonding. “Wow, Shake looks different here,” one person wrote, referring to Deepti’s ex Abhishek “Shake” Chatterjee, which Kyle even “liked,” whereas another added, “HELL YEAH.”

During the reunion, viewers watched in shock as the construction worker confessed his lingering feelings for the information technology analyst. 

'Love Is Blind': Are Kyle and Deepti Dating After Season 2?

Courtesy of Kyle Abrams/TikTok

“I should’ve asked Deepti to marry me,” Kyle admitted. “That’s what I learned the most, I f—ked up. I mean, I love her so much, she’s the best. I wish I saw what was right in front of me and that’s my biggest regret. I’m sorry … Yeah, and it pisses me off that [Shake] wasted such a good opportunity.”

He then told Deepti, “I should’ve tried hard for you.”

Curiosity around their relationship status grew further when a video surfaced to TikTok in March 2022 of the two walking together in Wicker Park, Chicago. In the video, Kyle and Deepti, who are both wearing beige coats, turn around after someone out of frame shouted, “Let me buy you guys a mimosa!”

“Love is Blind couple [sighting]!” the caption read.

Who Were Kyle and Deepti Originally Coupled With on Love Is Blind?

As fans recall, Kyle was originally linked to Shaina Hurley after the first episode. Although they tried to move past their differences in religious perspectives, Shaina broke up with Kyle in episode 6 to pursue Shayne. 

For Deepti’s part, she went through the wringer on the show but handled the turmoil gracefully. After Shake incessantly talked behind her back throughout the show — even mentioning he didn’t find her physically attractive — viewers watched in suspense as he and Deepti were about to take their vows. However, she took a different route in the finale, which started streaming on Netflix on February 25.

“I deserve somebody who knows for sure,” she said at the altar, while looking at her now-ex-fiancé. “So, I’m choosing myself and I’m going to say ‘no.’”

After viewers watched her powerful moment, many applauded Deepti for her self-respect. Even Deepti’s brother, Sunny Vempati, defended his sister and slammed Shake for his actions in an explosive Instagram post.

“Now, normally, I don’t get involved in drama but I’mma defend my sister here: ‘Shake’, bruh, you’re a loser,” Sunny’s lengthy statement read, which he posted later that month. “You minimized my sister’s life by making some awful and cringeworthy comments about her. You made these statements knowing your own mom would one day watch it; my parents and my entire family had to sit through you talking behind my sister’s back about insecurities she fought her entire life.”

Sunny continued in his statement, “Despite your comments on and off camera about her body, she continued to only ever be supportive of you, despite our best efforts to convince her to see through your BS.”

Are Kyle and Deepti Dating?

Kyle and Deepti are returning to document their love lives on season 2 of Love Is Blind: After the Altar. The series, which premieres on Friday, September 16, will document the start of their romantic relationship. 

“I just want to be around him all the time, honestly,” Deepti says in a voiceover in the teaser for the upcoming season. In another clip, she’s seen telling Kyle, “If we take it there, it could be the best thing ever. But what if it doesn’t work out?”

While their official relationship status remains unclear, Deepti has been vocal about why she decided to reject her former fiancé at the altar.

“We did talk about how we lacked chemistry and you know, the physical intimacy was a problem to us,” the information data analyst told Life & Style in an exclusive interview in March 2022.

“It’s not one-sided though. I mean, I felt it, too. That’s why I’m not throwing myself at him either,” Deepti added. “Yeah, it was very tough to watch back because even if that’s the case, you should still have respect for your fiancée or even just a friend. You don’t talk about them in that way to other people. I think he doesn’t even realize that it’s wrong — and that’s why we would never be compatible.”


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