Now, this is puzzling.

A TikToker posted an optical illusion that tricks the eye, with a number hidden within a black and white background.

Trouble is, only some can see the number.

TikTok magician @pasillusion shared the illusion with his 6,300 followers, asking them to find the “hidden” number within some black and white diagonal lines.

“What do you see in this image?” he asked.

According to the illusionist, only 2 out of 5 people can make out a number — and many of his followers indeed found the task difficult.

“It’s just lines,” one baffled user wrote.

“Maybe try wriggling your phone,” suggested another.

TIkTok screenshot.
Illusionist @pasillusions posted the tricky picture saying only 20% of users can find the hidden number.

Although viewers weren’t consistent with their answers, many reported seeing a 7, and the majority said they spotted a 17 in the lines.

He recommends holding looking at the image from farther away if you can’t see a number.

If that one wasn’t tricky enough, have a go at this illusion, which contains five hidden numbers, with only people who are sensitive to color able to detect all the numbers.


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