She has no tears left to cry for critics! Ariana Grande hit back on social media after a fan came for the songstress’ R.E.M. Beauty brand — and the “God Is a Woman” musician didn’t hold back.

Ariana, 29, uploaded a TikTok video on Thursday, July 28, and introduced fans to her new range of concealers. “I’ve been using it secretly for a year now,” the former Nickelodeon star said in the video, showing off her new product line. “We’ve developed 60 shades of the sweetener concealer including two artistry shades of black and white. It’s also our first product that features our R.E.M. essence of hyaluronic acid and raspberry leaf extract.”

After breaking down the ingredients, the Victorious alum reminded fans that “a little goes a long way.” While most of the comments on the clip were positive, one read, “Pls remember you’re a singer,” and Ariana responded.

“I have actually never felt more at home in my voice or like more of a singer,” she wrote back, alongside some bubble emojis, seemingly referencing her role as Glinda in the upcoming Wicked movie. Upon seeing her clap back, fans praised Ariana for her honesty.

Ariana Grande Clap Back REM Beauty
Ariana Grande/TikTok

“SAY IT GIRL, I love u so much, I’m so excited for Wicked,” one TikTok user responds. Another added, “Girl don’t listen. Yo duo you here for the makeup, here for the Wicked, here for whenever you are ready for an album. Love you forever.”

Other than her music and highly anticipated film role, Ariana launched R.E.M. Beauty in November 2021.

“Coveting the secret for the past two years and having testers and samplers in my purse, and people asking me, ‘Oh, I love your highlight, what are you wearing?’ And me being like, ‘I don’t know, sweating,’” Ariana told Allure about the makeup line ahead of itss official launch. “It was so hard to keep a secret for this long.”

There have been three subsequent R.E.M. Beauty launches following the first release and a partnership with Ulta Beauty to sell the brand in stores. “Welcome to the flight crew, @ultabeauty,” Ariana wrote on Instagram this past April, announcing the partnership. “We’re so grateful to be here!”

While she usually keeps out of the public eye, Ariana has spoken at length about creating the perfect beauty brand.

“I had this vision for my line and it ended up being exactly how I sort of dreamt it would be,” the “Thank U, Next” singer told Seventeen in November 2021. “It feels so honest and so true to me.”


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