Fans of The Bachelorette knew who Gabby Windey was sending home before she actually did it! During the show’s episode on Monday, September 5, members of Bachelor Nation took to social media declaring outrage after a Bachelor in Paradise promo showed contestant Johnny DePhillipo on the beach, while he was still vying for Gabby’s heart.

“Lol at them showing Johnny in the paradise promo before his fantasy suite even airs,” one fan shared via Twitter during Monday’s episode. Another added, “Wait am I crazy or did they just show Johnny in the Bachelor in Paradise preview before he’s even had his overnight??? Did ABC just spoil its own show #TheBachelorette.”


During the episode, Gabby and Johnny had their one-on-one date ahead of fantasy suites. After the Florida native revealed that he’s not ready for an engagement, Gabby ended their relationship.

“I just don’t know if I can get to an engagement in the next week or so. It’s not that I don’t like you or I’m not falling for you or it’s not that I can’t see myself with you — it’s more so just, like, it scares me,” Johnny told Gabby before their breakup. “And I don’t know if I can bring 100 percent to the table and commit to that end result if I’m not ready.”

Bachelor in Paradise Spoilers
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With the news of Johnny’s impending appearance on Bachelor in Paradise, ABC viewers have some jokes up their sleeve regarding that show’s even shorter timeline.

“Johnny: ‘I can’t commit to an engagement in such a short time.’ Also Johnny: *joins Bachelor in Paradise where people get engaged in an even shorter time*,” one Twitter user quipped. “So if Johnny wasn’t ready for an engagement, the why the hell did he go on Bachelor in Paradise!?” a second questioned.

From the looks of it, the Bachelor in Paradise season, which is set to premiere on Tuesday, September 27, might just be — wait for it — the most dramatic season yet.

“It’s insane down here. It’s absolutely crazy. There’s all these people. It is just so much chaos, so much drama and yes, never before seen things [are] taking place in Paradise,” the show’s host Jesse Palmer told Us Weekly in July. “I’ve been watching this show for years, huge fan of it. And we’ve been switching things up. We’ve been changing things up. It’s hard to keep track of it all, to be honest.”

Can’t wait until the finale for more Bachelorette spoilers? No worries, we’ve got you covered. See if Gabby Windey gets engaged, who her final two guys are and who her top four guys are. Plus, check out if Rachel Recchia gets engaged, who her final two guys are and who she picks for her final four. You can also check out Life & Style’s Bachelorette page for more updates on the drama throughout the season!


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