Her side! Bachelor in Paradise star Ency Abedin clapped back after receiving backlash for her explosive fight with Andrew Spencer during the Tuesday, November 15, episode.

“It had nothing to do with trust for me,” the New York City resident, 29, tweeted about her argument with Andrew, 27, during the week 8 episode. “My date was absent for almost [two] hours on our date.”

Ency, who arrived on the beach during the Monday, November 14, episode quickly hit it off with Andrew after they had a fabulous date together. However, their spark fizzled during the BiP Sadie Hawkins dance when Jessenia Cruz pulled him aside to talk about their romance, which had come to a halt since the newcomer stepped foot on the beach.

“I’m beside myself because I fully focused all of my time and attention on you, Andrew. And now I still don’t know where your head is at,” Jessenia, 30, told the Chicago resident after admitting during a private interview that she didn’t think “he ever took me as seriously as I took him.”

Bachelor in Paradise’s Ency Claps Back After Andrew Fight
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At one point during their intense chat, Ency attempted to pull Andrew away, but he refused and said he “had to finish” the conversation with Jessenia. As their emotional talk continued into the night, Ency became more upset and finally gave Andrew an ultimatum. 

“I don’t know what validation you’re giving her, but I’m asking you to walk away from this right now if you care to pursue anything with us,” she told him. “You entertaining this and staying here longer is giving her some validation.” 

The former football player once again refused to leave the conversation, noting that he wanted to still be “friends” with Jessenia post-show. 

Ency pushing Andrew so hard during the situation led to many fans shading the reality contestant. “Ency, babe, you got here [five] minutes ago let them have their conversation,” one tweet read. “Ency just self-sabotaged so badly and good for Andrew for not having the tolerance for that kind of behavior,” another fan wrote. “Ency giving Andrew an ultimatum. Like, honey, you met him yesterday,” a separate tweet read.

The drama and heart to heart-to-heart conversation with Jessenia led Andrew to reveal that his “heart [was] still with” Teddi Wright after her abrupt week 2 exit. The nurse left the beach without saying goodbye to anyone, including Andrew after they went on a date together

“I don’t know what the reasons are but that’s the reason why,” he said. “I have nothing here. I have nothing here. I tried.”

Jessenia quickly left the party and the beach for good. Andrew went to find Ency to say goodbye. At first, she slammed his “complete dismissiveness” toward her but changed her tune once he revealed he was walking away from the show. 

“My heart is also with someone else. There’s a piece of my heart that is still with Teddi,” Andrew explained before admitting that he was turned off by Ency’s behavior. “How everything was just handled there was everything against everything I believe. Now I can’t be here anymore. I swear I try to be a great guy.” 

Ency begged Andrew to stay and give their relationship another shot, but he refused and left the season, noting during a private interview that he was “never the same” after Teddi left. For her part, Ency also left Paradise for good in tears, saying she felt “so stupid.” 


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