FCCS concours-level judges will be looking for quality vehicles, highly modified enthusiast builds, rare or low-production number cars, and unique or uncommon vehicles. The FCCS team will go through every submitted application to hand-pick the top cars for each show category. The target year range for vehicles is 1980 to the present, though there will be exceptions for vehicles that have seen recent increases in collectability and what-not. Every vehicle entered in the FCCS show will qualify for the coveted Best of Show trophy, with other award categories that include a People’s Choice award selected by spectators on-site. The entire selection of awards will include:

“At Barrett-Jackson, we continue to elevate the auction experience throughout all of our annual events,” says Steve Davis, president of Barrett-Jackson. “I’m particularly excited about bringing FCCS on board as part of our Scottsdale Auction because it further exemplifies our commitment and dedication to the collector car hobby, while ensuring its growth and popularity amongst the next generation of automotive enthusiasts.”

FCCS at Barrett-Jackson will also continue to blend automotive culture and the world of fashion with an immersive and competitive fashion show produced by Luxe & City, with the winning stylist garnering glory and a cash prize. FCCS will also include exhibitor displays, VIP offerings and more.


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