A lot of these nickel mining stocks will be in high demand due to the electric vehicles needing nickel, Elon Musk’s Tesla business for each car will require 121 pounds of nickel.     Have been adding 13 OTC nickel mining stocks onto our portfolio, with two of these nickel mining stocks that we are looking into purchasing.      Here are two of these articles on these two stocks: Talon Metals announces first assays for newly discovered pool of massive nickel-copper.      Nickel 28: this micro-cap is undervalued, inflation last month was at 2.9 percent and is at 2.8 percent this month,  but are expecting inflation to jump up to 4.8 percent next year.     Here is that article: price inflation takes a toll on US Consumer Sentiment in July.

     Here are the stock futures going into the weekend: DOW is down by $309.00, the S & P 500 is down by $33.50 and the NASDAQ is down by $119.00, but these futures could change by late Sunday afternoon PST.     The US dollar was up by .09 cents from yesterday’s close and closed today 7/16/21 at $92.71, here is how the dollar is looking on the MACDs.     The positive blue line yesterday was at +.41 and today at +.41, the negative red line yesterday was at +.44 and today at +.43.      The history line is still showing negativity on the US dollar, but is looking at both of the MACD lines being pulled downward.

      Had made confirmation with my friend Robert last night that he is making his preparations to head for the state of Washington next week.     Lately been doing a lot of researching on stocks to purchase for our phase II business plan.


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