In South Carolina, the artist behind the most successful NFT sale will open a studio for creating and sharing digital art. Beeple, a noted NFT artist, is building a digital arts studio in Charleston. This space will be used for creating and sharing digital artwork with the aim of exposing NFTs to a new audience.

Mike “Beeple”, Winkelmann, made headlines last summer with his record breaking $69.3 million sale NFT art at a Christie’s auction. He followed that by a Times magazine cover as well as appearances on “The Tonight Show.” He now wants to make the NFT world more accessible by creating a studio in real life that will host exhibitions.

Beeple shared today a video of the construction of his large art studio in Charleston. It appears that it was built in an old warehouse. The video shows the workers tearing down walls to create the space for the future Beeple Studios.

Beeple stated in a Twitter thread that the space would be an “outlet not just for my artwork but for the entire digital/NFT community.” He plans to host exhibitions, and to find creative ways to display NFT art for real-world patrons.

He wrote that “Coming together, and experiencing digital art IRL is something I believe will help bring in a next wave of collectors,” and that this is exactly what is needed to get past the bear market.

Beeple said that NFT creators must “find creative ways” to attract people who have heard of NFTs but aren’t sure how they work.

An NFT token is a digital token that can be used to represent ownership in a unique item. It can also be used with other items such as digital artwork, collectibles and real-world goods.

Beeple stated, “I believe that by showing people that the artwork can absolutely be shared with others and appreciated in person, not on our tiny screens,” “they’ll see that this medium is like any other with its ability to bring beauty and provoke thoughtful discussion, and truly touch us.”

Although he did not give a timeframe for opening the studio, or hosting events in the future, he said that the video is the first half of the construction process and that the second half of the project is almost complete.

Beeple gained fame first as a digital artist posting daily artwork. Later, he became a graphic designer whose concert art was used by Justin Bieber, Katy Perry, Eminem and Katy Perry. Beeple began selling his artwork as the NFT market grew in late 2020. This quickly set records.

Momentum quickly grew and reached its peak when Beeple’s “Everydays” (a collage that contained his daily artwork posts) was sold at an auction for $69.3million in March 2021. Beeple then followed that up last November with the sale of “Human One”, a hybrid physical/digital sculpture with an NFT part, which was sold for $28.9million.

Beeple, who has been in the NFT space since 1999, emphasizes a real-world component to all his digital sales. “Human One” can be found within a holographic terminal that displays digital artwork. The artwork dynamically changes as time passes. To provide buyers with a dedicated video screen for each piece of art sold, he partnered up with Infinite Objects.

Ryan Zurrer of Vine Ventures and Dialectic, the founders of Beeple’s Human One, purchased Beeple’s last year. He Described the new Beeple Studios as “a strange mix of Warhol’s studio and Bell Labs in their respective primes.” A wild mix of engineers and creatives created next-generation art using space-age tools. It will revolutionize the way we view digital art.


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