It’s always summer when you work on luxury yacht charters and that’s definitely the case for the deckies of Below Deck. The long-running series, which has branched off onto countless spinoffs such as Below Deck Mediterranean, Below Deck Sailing Yacht and Below Deck Down Under, takes viewers to the most beautiful coastlines in the world and lucky for the crew, the perfect location for a day off when not on charter. 

Clearly, one perk of the job is traveling to exotic locations, and it’s only right the cast brings the heat with their bikini and swimsuit choices

“Just living my best life,” Below Deck Sailing Yacht chef stew Daisy Kelliher captioned a compilation of scenic clips from a May 2022 trip in the Bahamas. 

Meanwhile, season 3 stars Ashley Marti and Kelsie Goglia spent a few days partying under the sun while partying in the Mediterranean. “Ibiza, you did not disappoint,” the former stewardess captioned a pool party picture alongside her former costar. “And neither did the squad.”

While the crew lives a lavish life traveling to luxe hot spots from Spain to Australia, filming for a reality TV show opens up the cast to harsh criticism. 

“The stuff that people write is extremely vile,” season 1 star Jenna MacGillivray told In Touch in May 2020. “It’s hard for me because it’s [about] the way that I’m depicted on the show — it’s not who I am as a person. So it’s very hard to defend myself.”

Dani Soares made her debut in the franchise on season 2, and after a romance during the charter season with fellow crewmember Jean-Luc Cerza Lanaux, the Brazil native found out she was pregnant with his child

In September 2022, the mom of one got real about not having “the perfect life” and shared a message of resilience to inspire other single mothers in a similar position. 

“Managed to use my holidays for my last hospital placement and managed to find someone amazing to take care of Lilly in the morning. Next placement is next month and I won’t have holidays to cover it, so saving every penny to be able to cover the bills,” she wrote in the caption. “The reason I share all this personal info is because if you are struggling I don’t want you to feel alone.”

Scroll through our gallery to see Below Deck stars’ best bikini moments over the years. 


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