BiP's Justin Glaze Slams Kira for Stagecoach, Salley Drama
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Messy! Bachelor in Paradise star Justin Glaze slammed Kira Mengistu after she claimed he was all over Salley Carson during Stagecoach music festival, stirring drama amid his budding relationships with Genevieve Parisi and Victoria Fuller

“LMFAO Kira was at Stagecoach? This whole story is newssss to meeee,” Justin, 28, wrote via Twitter during the Monday, October 3, episode. “Anything for some screen time though I guess.”

While the Baltimore native seemed to want to shut down the drama with his clapback, Kira, 33, fired back, “You OK, bro? We had several short conversations while there. Get some glasses and a better attitude.”

Justin responded that he “truly” didn’t believe they “spoke all weekend” during the country music festival, which took place April 29 through May 1 in California. “Just odd to speak on and embellish someone’s whereabouts and actions so authoritatively that you don’t know,” the former contestant from Katie Thurston’s season continued. 

While Kira retorted that they “definitely” spoke, she then revealed she was in “the five person girl group” with Salley, 27, during the festival, adding, “I know what I saw. Don’t really understand why you’re coming at me, but it’s all good.” 

Justin and Genevieve, 27, hit it off quickly on the beach, but their romance was tested when Victoria, 28, arrived and asked him on a date. 

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Genevieve was freaking out while the pair were gone on their outing but noted she was relieved that Salley hadn’t stepped foot on the beach because of her and Justin’s past rumored fling at Stagecoach.

However, when Salley’s suitcase magically appeared, it sent Genevieve into a spiral. To make matters worse, Kira gave her alleged eyewitness account of what happened between the pair at Stagecoach.

“He basically was ignoring everyone else there just to, like, mack on Salley,” Kira said. “I think if she gets on the beach, she’s going to be very messy.”

While Salley has yet to make her grand appearance on the beach, Justin is navigating things with Genevieve and Victoria. 

When he returned from his date, he went spoke with Genevieve after Michael Allio said she had been “pouting” all day and it was her birthday.

“It was fun,” he told her about his date. “It’s tough. And I know you don’t want to hear that.” 

Genevieve admitted she “checked out” of their conversation after hearing about Justin’s good time, adding, “Did I hope you would come back and have a definitive answer? Of course, I did … From what I’m hearing, I don’t think I’m what you want.” 


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