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This incubator program is for EU-based startups that are creating the next generation Web3 consumer experiences. Accessibility and scalability are the two key focuses of the initiative.

BNB Chain, the Blockchain of Binance Crypto Exchange, has launched its latest development-focused initiative. It targets European developers who build and scale decentralized apps (DApps) on the network.

The virtual “innovation incubator” program is a three-week program that focuses on Web3 startups that have at least one member of the European Union (EU). Participants accepted to the program will receive mentorship by industry experts and BNB Chain specialists in tokenomics design and Web3 Marketing strategies.

The Incubators will host meetups in selected cities throughout Europe, including Lisbon, Paris, Berlin and Barcelona.

Zoe Wei is the senior business director of BNB Chain. The network wants to support European Web3 startups, which consider accessibility and scalability when pushing for increased adoption.

“Our goal is to help European builders make early commitments to these foundations, in order to grow a large user base in the long-term.”

At least 17 local organizations are providing support to the builders through the incubator. Jump Crypto is one of them. Jump Crypto claims that the community can share its knowledge to support the next generation DApps.

Jump Crypto spokesperson:

“Crypto can be described as a community. Knowledge sharing and collaboration will foster a stronger, more resilient and more advanced crypto ecosystem.”
Participants receive on-chain incentives such as a 1-month 100% gas fee incentive, and a “strong refer” to BNB Chain’s already existing Most Valuable Builder (MVB).

Developers may apply starting Oct. 10 through 23, with a three-week incubation period beginning Nov. 21 and Dec. 15.

BNB Chain’s latest initiative to support developers and teach Web3 is the European incubator. The network has announced a significant collaboration with Google Cloud, which will allow ecosystem participants access to the Google Cloud service for on-chain development.

BNB Chain also collaborated with a Latin American educational platform to create a Web3 course and a blockchain course. This will be available for thousands of students from the region.

This announcement follows a multi-million-dollar cross-chain exploit that the network experienced on Oct. 6.

After validators verified their status, the network temporarily suspended all withdrawals and deposits from the network. It was then back online within hours.

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