Robert Saleh said he’d keep receipts, and now the knives are coming out.

Saleh is in his second season coaching the Jets, and the team got walloped 27-12 by the Bengals on Sunday, in a game that was even more lopsided than the final score, to fall to 1-2. The team was 4-13 last season.

Brandon Tierney, who co-hosts middays on WFAN with Tiki Barber, wants to start seeing some improvement.

“I have seen nothing from Robert Saleh that instills an ounce of confident in me that signals that the Jets, unlike almost every other hire that they make, actually got this one right,” Tierney said.

“You want to put something on a bumper sticker? You want to make t-shirts? You want to look good? Yeah, they got that part right! He looks the part. And then you watch the Jets play football. And you see them burn a timeout one minute into the third quarter, after halftime. That is JV stuff!”

Tierney took aim at the defensive miscues against the Bengals on Sunday.

Robert Saleh is 5-15 as head coach of the Jets.
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“And once again they get DRILLED! Absolutely waxed at home. Then, we see more of the same, and it’s driving me nuts. The selfish, deflating penalties that are born out of a lack of discipline, again, which is a direct correlation to the coach! Then we see disorganization on defense again! Confusion, blown coverage, missed tackles, broken plays, guys going to the house when they shouldn’t be. That’s on the coach!”

Tierney mentioned cornerback DJ Reed, who previously played for “two good organizations” in Seattle and San Francisco, giving a “dissertation” on everything that is wrong with the Jets.

“He even used the word ‘coaches,’” Tierney said. “When you come from something good and you walk into something bad, you know.”

Brandon Tierney eviscerated Robert Saleh on WFAN on Monday.
Brandon Tierney eviscerated Robert Saleh on WFAN on Monday.
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“Now here’s the biggest problem with the New York Jets,” Tierney continued. “I’m rooting for Zach and I hope he’s the guy, but now you have a 23-year-old kid who may or may not be the future. We don’t know, man. We know he can throw. We know he can run. We know they got more weapons, blah blah blah.

“He’s gonna play this week, thank God. So the fossil, Joe Flacco, can go back to the bench. You have hopefully a franchise that is now put into a pressure cooker situation, the most unenviable position to be in in sports, where he’s thrust into a season and the expectation is he’s got to save the season. Oh by the way, good luck doing that with no offensive line!”

It’s not unsalvageable for Saleh, yet, but consider this to be one of the first shots from the vaunted New York sports media that patience is already starting to wear thin.


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