WNBA star Brittney Griner has been freed from Russian prison following a prisoner swap according to Biden administration officials. Griner was nabbed in Moscow’s Sheremetyevo Airport back in February for cannabis possession. She was convicted and placed into a retched working camp prison in Russia since.

One has to be happy for Brittney Griner, her wife, and her family that she is home. Her arrest was a clear attempt by the Kremlin to make a statement to the Biden administration at the start of the Ukraine-Russia War. Putin flexed on Griner and took her in for what amounts to a little more cannabis than I consume on a daily basis.

Of course, her freedom wasn’t free (it never is). In exchange, the US released Russian arms dealer, Viktor Bout, more cuddly referred to as the Merchant of Death. Bout is a bad dude and responsible for hundreds of deaths across the globe. Certainly, a more nefarious character than most WNBA stars.

Merchant of Death freed prisoner swap Russia arms dealerThe Yay!

Brittney Griner being freed means there is one less injustice on the planet today. In this climate, one has to take the good where we can. So flowers to her.

The Biden administration appears to have made the only deal possible. Or at least that is how they are spinning it. Social media left was throwing bouquets in the direction of the President for the “1 for 1” prisoner swap. Many were quick to point out that Joe made the right call, and even quoted the family of still-imprisoned ex-marine Paul Whalen to reinforce the point:

Albeit, Paul doesn’t seem to share that enthusiasm.

Nevertheless, one freed US prisoner from Putin’s grasp is better than none. Brittney never deserved to be imprisoned and was made a high-profile example by Russia at the beginning of the war. Even if the right will tell you, she deserves it because she broke the law. Please.

The WTF?

“1 for 1” prisoner swap sounds balanced, right? Not exactly. We essentially traded Jeffrey Dahmer for a jaywalker.

Don’t get confused, Viktor Bout is a bad dude. Arguably in the top 1% of mass murders on the planet. Exchanging him at any cost makes the US look a little flaccid in all the tough talk with Russia. It was a bad deal.

Despite being a PR win for Biden, it probably didn’t help that it was Griner who was freed and not ex-marine Paul Whelan. Whelan has been in the comrade can since 2020 and is serving a 16-year prison sentence for “spying”. Seems like a 1-for-1 for this level of a prisoner who has been more balanced.

This was immediately seized upon by anyone with a brain on social media, with the counter-argument being that this was the only deal available.

Micah Parsons of the Dallas Cowboys stepped in the hornet’s nest when he tweeted what many others were thinking (and already Tweeting) to a much larger audience.

After getting dragged on Twitter with the funny, yet absurd nicknames of MAGA Parsons and Pass Rush Limbaugh, Parsons responded with:

Which is more or less, how I and probably millions of other people feel about it. In the end, I’m happy Brittney Griner is home and finished being used as a pawn by tiny-dick Putin. However, it does call into question how and why decisions get made by those in power. Especially when it comes to balancing public relations and taking a stand for what’s right.

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