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Coins.ph is a licensed cryptocurrency exchange that listed Shiba Inu. Utel University in Mexico has accepted tuition fees for Shiba Inu. Analysts have set a bullish target for Shiba Inu at $0.0000140. In a new round global adoptions, Shiba Inu was adopted by the Philippines and Mexico. 

In a historic moment for ShibArmy, the central bank approved crypto exchanges that listed Dogecoin-killer Shiba Inu in the Philippines.

Coins.ph is the central bank-approved exchange that Shiba Inu has arrived
Shiba inu adoption has been on the rise since the meme coin is listed on Coins.ph. The Philippine Central Bank approved the exchange and it now has more than 16 million users. Shiba Inu now has 16 million users, after the exchange was listed.

According to Coins.ph, the licensed crypto exchange lists 20 crypto assets.

This announcement was made a week after the exchange had teased its users about the listing of the second largest meme coin. The listing was originally set for July 13, 2022. However, due to technical issues, the SHIPlisting was delayed. The issues were finally resolved and Shiba inu was listed on the exchange.

You can pay tuition fees in Shiba Inu at this university
Mexico-based Utel University has campuses in over 11 countries, including the United States, Mexico and Chile. The university has announced that it will accept tuition fees in 34 cryptocurrency, including Shiba Inu.

Bitso is a popular cryptocurrency exchange that Utel has teamed up with to accept crypto payments. Shiba Inu can now be used for tuition fees, increasing the utility of the meme-coin and allowing it to be adopted worldwide.

Utel and Bitso announced a partnership, making it the first online university in Latin America to accept cryptocurrency payments. This was transparently done as a means of providing reliable payment options for the community.

Shiba Inu is ready for a run up to $0.0000140
Analysts evaluated the Shiba Inu’s price trend, and predicted a rise to the bullish target at $0.0000140. Shiba Inu may recoup its losses, and begin an uptrend with the $0.0000140 goal. Find out the conditions and price levels that will determine Shiba’s breakout.

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