Looking stylish! Cara Delevingne rocked an electric purple bra with a stylish tan suit during a press conference for her upcoming series, Planet Sex

The model, 30, walked confidently in her nearly monochromatic ensemble during the MIPCOM 2022 event in Cannes, France, on Tuesday, October 18. To add a touch of edge to her trousers and blazer, Cara paired it with a bright indigo bra. She finished the look with a gold chain necklace, tan boots and her hair worn in loose waves. 

The Suicide Squad actress opened up about the series she is fronting for Hulu and BBC, which premieres on November 29, where she explores many topics about sexuality. To her surprise, she even got a bit uncomfortable at points. The U.K. native admitted she “didn’t realize” she was a “prude” until going through an in-depth study of masturbation for the streaming series. 

“I went into the masturbation seminar thinking it was going to be a classroom and I’d have a notepad, and instead it was a pink, leather gym mat on the floor, with six people going, ‘Well, take your underwear off. This is the lube,’” she explained during a panel discussion, per Variety. “I think I’m a pretty hip, young, cool, down-with-anything kind of girl but I was like, ‘Sorry what? Sorry, no, absolutely not, I will not do that.’ But I kind of did everything I felt comfortable doing.”

Cara noted that “every day was completely different” while filming a wide range of topics, but she tried to stay open to everything. 

“I was more like, ‘What are we doing today?’” she continued. “I’m used to being a chameleon, but this was absurd. One day you’re going to get your blood taken while having an orgasm, the next day you’re going to a porn library. I was like, ‘Right, OK, screw my head back on.’”

Although some moments had the Valerian actress take a step back, Cara said filming “opened [her] eyes so much” and she felt like she “needed this in [her] life.”

“Maybe not to do it on camera — I mean, that was something I wanted to do for other people, but in terms of, for me, I grew up a lot,” she said. “I had chosen to take a step back from love and relationships for a while before I did this, and this made me realize again how much I needed to repair certain things in my life and move on from that. I really grew up a lot.”

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