Wakanda Forever! The Black Panther cast is hoping for another movie in the film franchise, even after the death of Chadwick Boseman, who originated the Marvel superhero role.

“[Director] Ryan Coogler is coming down. He’d be the perfect man to ask [about another movie], but I hope so,” Angela Bassett told Life & Style exclusively on the Golden Globes red carpet in January 2023 about continuing the series. “My hope is that [these beautiful stories] continue.”

The second Black Panther movie, Wakanda Forever, premiered in November 2022 and was a tribute to the cast’s late costar who died in August 2020 following a battle with cancer. The sequel was a tribute to his role while introducing Letitia Wright as a new iteration of the Black Panther. Keep reading for everything to know about the third movie, including cast, release date and more. 

Will There Be a ‘Black Panther 3’?

Marvel has yet to confirm if the film franchise will continue, however, the cast is hopeful. According to Letitia, another movie is “already in the works.” The actress told Variety on the Golden Globes red carpet in January 2023 that the stars “need a little bit of a break” after Wakanda Forever, noting that the third movie is “going to take a while.”

She added, “I always try to do positive words and positive thinking, and I believe that good words manifest, so I’m manifesting a ‘Black Panther 3,’ why not?”

Will There Be a 'Black Panther 3'? Marvel Stars Weigh In on Film Rumors: 'Manifesting'

Previously, Marvel Studios chief Kevin Feige revealed that there have been talks about another film, telling Variety in November 2022 that there have been “ideas pitched back and forth.” However, working without director Ryan “wouldn’t be the preference” for the Marvel boss.

“I go back to what I said when we decided to make Wakanda Forever after losing Chad,” Kevin added. “This mythology and this ensemble and these characters deserve to continue and will continue after all of us are gone, I hope, and will continue forever in movies the way it has in comics for 50-plus years.”

What Has Letitia Wright Said About Playing the New ‘Black Panther’?

Initially, it was “tough” for the actress to accept her new role. However, director Ryan “gently explained to me his intention of how we can honor Chad in this film and how we can honor what was created by us as a family,” Letitia told Marvel.com in November 2022.

“I had to process that and pray and ask him if it’s okay for me to do it,” she explained. “Once I felt at peace, that it was the right thing, I accepted. I said to Ryan I’ll do my best. I made a commitment. I was like I’ll honor God and I’ll honor Chad with Shuri in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever. Then it was just a process of going through this and I’m praying that we make him proud.”


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