Are you ready? FBOY Island season 2 is almost here and it promises romance and drama among the gorgeous cast. Keep reading for everything we know, including the release date!

When Does FBOY Island Premiere?

The first three episodes of FBOY Island season 2 will be available to stream on HBOMax starting on Thursday, July 14. Fans will be able to enjoy a total of 10 episodes this season, with the final two episodes dropping on August 4. 

FBOY Island Season 2 Cast: Who’s On?

Three single ladies will be looking for love (and a cash prize) with 26 male contestants — 13 of whom are self-proclaimed “nice guys” while the other 13 consider themselves “Fboys.”

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Mia Emani Jones, 26, is from Tampa, Florida, and is a dental student. She’s hopeful to find love with one of the lucky guys, “no matter their status,” with her bio adding, “She can tame an Fboy if needed.”

Michigan native Louise Barnard, 25, is a model and “enjoys making YouTube videos.” She wants to up her dating game during season 2.

“She signed up for FBOY Island because she is determined to break old habits of falling for the wrong guys,” her bio reads. “And she thought it would be fun and entertaining to roast some Fboys on national TV!

Last but certainly not least is 29-year-old Tamaris Sepulveda from New York, New York. The account executive is a “pilates junkie” and an aspiring model. Ultimately, she’s looking for “someone she can pour her whole heart into.”

As for the contestants, there are a few influencers, a Soundcloud rapper and a handful of fitness trainers. Many of the guys cited love as the reason for joining the cast of FBOY Island, but some others hope to test the waters with falling in love. The ladies will certainly have their work cut out for them!

Is Nikki Glaser Hosting FBOY Island?

Luckily for fans, comedian Nikki Glaser will be back as host for season 2, and she teased what’s to come.

“I’m so happy to say it’s even better than the first season. Thank god. Who knew if it would be?? But it is. IT IS,” the podcast host wrote via Instagram on June 14. “If my intro here seems unhinged it’s [because] they cut the words ‘god dammed,’ which served to make the joke of me going from polite host to insane woman more palatable. I should have said ‘G-damned.’ Lesson learned!”

What is FBOY Island?

The concept and rules of FBOY Island are pretty simple! The three women move into a villa and begin dating the contestants. Along the way, the guys participate in challenges in hopes of winning dates and alone time with the women. At the end of the season, the three leading ladies choose who they want to walk away with. 

The twist is, the Fboys are there in hopes of winning a $100,00 prize, not falling in love. During the first three episodes, the nice guys who get eliminated move into the Nice Guy Grotto. They are allowed to party and relax beachside while the eliminated Fboys go to Limbro, a makeshift camp where they try to work on themselves in a less than glamorous atmosphere. 


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