Red carpet ready! The 2022 MTV Video Music Awards brought out all of the heavy hitters in the music industry on Sunday, August 28, and the stars came to slay. 

The VMAs are known for the wildest red carpet fashions and many people attempt to wear the most risqué outfits while attending the iconic awards show.

One look that has gone down in VMAs history was when Lil Kim wore a purple jumpsuit with one of her breasts exposed in 1999. 

“I wanted to make something really ornate and feminine and pretty, to offset the fact that she had one breast out,” Misa Hylton, who was Kim’s stylist, explained to Popsugar in August 2020 about the lilac ensemble, which featured a seashell-shaped pastie that covered up the “Get Money” artist’s nipple. Surprisingly Missy Elliott “inspired the look.” 

“We were hanging out one weekend and we were talking about fashion and Lil’ Kim, and she said, ‘You know what? If I was Kim, I would just say f–k it and I would have one titty out. Because Kim could do some crazy s–t like that. So, I just said, wow, that would be kind of hot,” the stylish recalled. “So, I saved the idea, and the next big event we had was the 1999 MTV Music Awards.”

In 2021, Lil Nas X seemingly paid homage to Kim’s look by rocking a lavender Versace suit with an asymmetrical off-the-shoulder design that appeared to mimic the 1999 look.

Of course, Kim and Nas aren’t the only artists who had fans talking after appearing at the VMAs. Lady Gaga nearly broke the internet in 2010 when she walked the red carpet in a meat dress, which was conceptualized by her makeup artists Val Garland

“We decided to do the meat dress because I thought to myself if we were willing to die for your country, what does it matter how you identify,” the “Born This Way” singer recalled during an interview with Vogue from November 2021. “This was ultimately designed by Franc Fernandez, but it was the brainchild of House of Gaga and we were backstage with Brandon Maxwell, who was working as one of my stylists at the time. He was vegan also and still helping to sew all of these last bits of meat to me and making my meat hat and my meat purse, which was held by Cher. It smelled like meat.”

Although Gaga has worn many iconic ensembles, she called her meat dress “thrilling to wear,” adding, “There’s a corset under this but the corset was a sewn to the meat so this is actually a garment … They didn’t just drape meat over me and cross their fingers.”

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