While the world first got to know Chantel Jeffries as Justin Bieber‘s former flame in the mid-2010’s, she’s since made quite the name for herself as a popular DJ and model. Even though she travels the world over to perform at events, Chantel absolutely loves Miami and spends a lot of time there in bikinis.

While some celebs just like to lay out on a lounger all day, Chantel — known as Ceejay the Deejay — loves the soothing ocean waters of Miami Beach. No matter what time of year, she’s been photographed emerging from the surf in any number of her stunning bikinis after going for a cooling dip.

In case you ever asked yourself who has such a ridiculously perfect body that they can actually fit into one of Emily Ratajkowski‘s itty-bitty Inamorata swimwear line pieces, Chantel has slipped into the bikinis on several occasions.

Chantel’s body and business savvy have made her a very successful woman. In addition to her DJ work, she also is a model and social medial influencer who boasts nearly 5 million Instagram followers. She has deals with FashionNova and Lounge brand underwear and lingerie. Chantel frequently models the sexy undergarments on her Instagram page, much to the delight of her fans.

Deejaying is Chantel’s true passion, but she always looked for other opportunities along her journey. “I didn’t ever think that I wouldn’t be where I am now. I went through life focused and dedicated. I never really knew exactly where I would end up, but I knew I would end up where I wanted to be. It’s just the way that I was raised,” she explained to Euphoria magazine in March 2020.

“I just draw so much inspiration from so many different places and I honestly get so much inspiration from myself, in a way,” she continued, adding, “I’ll feel down at times, but then, I’ll watch my old videos or look at old photos, and I’ll snap out of it seeing my best moments and just motivate myself and say, ‘This is you! You already are this person. You just need to remember that, don’t get down on yourself or feel a certain way because this is you.”

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