Looking good, funny girl! Chelsea Handler can’t stop showing off her bikini photos on Instagram, and fans love her for it.

Throughout her time in the spotlight, the New Jersey native has been open about the most intimate moments of her life — including her workout routine.

“On days that I feel [unmotivated], the only thing I force myself to do is to work out, because every day I’m home is an opportunity for me to be like, you know, physically fit and strong because I’m traveling so much and I’m about to start on tour, and then that screws up your schedule,” the Life Will Be the Death of Me Author told Byrdie in July 2021. “So, I just like to jam it in any day. I’m in L.A., I train with my trainer, no matter what happened the night before. So I have made a commitment to my body and to my mental fitness and physical fitness to always meditate and to always work out.”

Before she and fellow comedian Jo Koy announced their split in July 2022, Chelsea revealed that her ex “redeemed (her) faith in men” for a very specific reason.

“Instead of having to shrink my personality, I can be completely myself,” she said during an April 2022 comedy show in Los Angeles, per Today. Chelsea said Jo loved her “confidence and my unwillingness to take s–t from anybody.”

He also paid special attention to her body.

“He goes, ‘Honey, cellulite is what makes a woman a woman. That’s f–king sexy. The more the merrier,’” Chelsea recalled at the time. “I’m like, ‘Is that a sentence?!’”

Jo, for his part, took the stage that same night and reiterated that “cellulite is sexy.”

He added, “If you don’t have cellulite, then I mean … let me see a dimple. When there’s nothing, I’m like, ‘What is that? That hasn’t seen anything.’ … We need s–t. We need dimples and stretch [marks]. That kind of a woman can do anything. Not sexually, just anything! That’s a tough f–king woman.”

Talk about some major girl power! Scroll through our gallery to see Chelsea’s hottest bikini photos over the years. 


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