A Chicago weatherman has gone viral after he was unable to contain his excitement during a live TV broadcast when he discovered that the screen he uses to display the weather is in fact a touch screen.

While touch screens are ubiquitous in our day and age, ABC 7 Chicago weatherman and meteorologist Greg Dutra was awestruck when his hand brushed against the screen as he gave the weather forecast on Thursday morning, moving the map.

“I can do that? No way!” Dutra exclaims, turning to his colleagues.

“Are you serious? Did you just discover that?” morning co-host Val Warner, who was off-camera, asks him as his jaw drops.

Another co-host, Terrell Brown, pops into frame and shows the weatherman that, yes, you can move the screen by touching it, as the pair grin ear to ear.

Dutra then learns not only can he move the map but he can actually zoom in on it as well. He belts out a hearty chuckle while Warner and Brown can both be heard cackling at their pal.

“It’s a great day,” Dutra shouts — clearly meaning both the Chicago weather and having found a new work toy.

He tries to go back to his weather report but can’t contain his excitement, smiling like a child.

“I didn’t know I’ve never touched it before!” he blurts, before moving the map again. “Oh my God, you can tilt it? What is going on here?”

The clip, which users are describing as “wholesome” and “hilarious” has been viewed over 680,000 times on Twitter in less than a day.

“This wasn’t in the training manual!” Dutra tweeted.

Weatherman Greg Dutra discovers his screen is a touch screen.
Weatherman Greg Dutra was amazed he could manipulate his screen.

“Well this blew up,” Dutra later tweeted in response to all the attention the video got with a laughing emoji.

“I’ve got nothing to sell or plug except be nice to those around you. Everyone’s going through something,” he wrote.

Dutra has been with ABC for three years and has been an on-air meteorologist for over a decade, according to his LinkedIn profile.


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