She knows how to do it! Chlöe Bailey not only shuts down the stage with her epic performances, but she often shuts down the internet with her eye-catching social media posts. The Grown-ish star has the body of a goddess, and people are often reminded of her perfect figure when she posts her fun and flirty bikini pictures. 

The Georgia peach has learned to love her body over the years, and feels comfortable enough to show off her physique on her personal social media accounts. Chloe sometimes receives negative comments for her “risque” posts, and although she tries to block out the haters, the negative remarks have sometimes gotten the best of her. 

I can’t sit here and lie and say, ‘Oh, I’m bulletproof, nothing hurt me,’ because it honestly did,” she admitted during Taraji P. Henson‘s Facebook Watch series, Peace of Mind, in December 2021.

“And I think what hurt me the most was when I would see some post saying how I’m doing this for male attention, or I’m just trying to sell sex to get attention for myself. At first, I was really getting sad about it, but then I told myself, ‘Why would I let that control my thoughts and feelings when I know it’s a lie?’” the “Do It” singer continued. 

“I kind of had to not give it so much power. I’m not doing anything crazy, I’m just appreciating and loving my body, and I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that.” 

When it comes to maintaining her figure, the “Treat Me” artist gives thanks to her family genes and balanced diet. “My workout routine … OK, I’m going to keep it one-thousand with you all,” she said during a January 2021 Instagram Live. “My mom, she was a track star. Her body was bangin’,” she continued before rejoicing in her mother’s looks. 

“And I think I got it from her. Now, I’m vegan — I don’t think being vegan has anything to do with my shape because I see photos when I was a little girl, like eight years old, and I still had a little junk in the trunk.”

The musician revealed that her weight fluctuates, so when she has to get performance ready, she works out more than the average person. When it comes to food, however, she enjoys all of the most delicious eats, but enjoys the good stuff in moderation. 

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