Chris Cuomo opened up about being ousted from CNN and his brother’s rapid fall from grace during an interview on Friday night.

Cuomo, 51, appeared on HBO’s “Real Time With Bill Maher and said “he lost a sense of purpose” when he was fired from CNN amid fallout from former New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s sexual harassment scandal.

“This is my brother, obviously I’m not objective. Obviously, I’m going to help him,” Cuomo told Maher about advising Andrew.

“I feel like I lost a sense of purpose for a while because of how things ended.”

The cable news broadcaster said his older brother had been downcast since leaving Albany in disgrace amid a slew of allegations of impropriety and harassment.

“I’m supposed to say, ‘Oh, he’s great!’ But that would be what we call bulls–t, right?” Cuomo said of the 64-year-old former gov.

“This has been hard, and you learn a lot about the people in your life when you watch them struggle. It’s true, when you struggle you learn who your friends are. I’ve always known who my friends are, I’ve had them for a very long time. But he has been in a struggle, and I have watched it.”

Former CNN anchor Chris Cuomo appears on Friday night's episode of Real Time with Bill Maher.
Former CNN anchor Chris Cuomo appears on Friday night’s episode of Real Time with Bill Maher.
YouTube / Real Time with Bill Maher
Chris Cuomo and Bill Maher
The ousted CNN host opened up on “Real Time with Bill Maher” to share how he felt following his dramatic firing.
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Cuomo recently landed another gig at NewsNation and said he was not happy to see his old cable network now struggling to attract viewers in his old prime time slot.

“I want good things for people there. I don’t like how it ended. I had a great team I didn’t get to say goodbye to. I just want to move on,” Cuomo said.

The journalist advocated for an end to the US’ two-party system and said he was glad to be getting back into the news with his podcast and new TV role where he was looking forward to “breaking through the toxic twosome of partisan politics.”

NEW YORK, NY - APRIL 26: New York Governor Andrew Cuomo and Chris Cuomo attend the HBO Documentary Film "RX: Early Detection A Cancer Journey With Sandra Lee" during The Tribeca Film Festival at SVA Theater on April 26, 2018 in New York City. (Photo by Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for HBO)
“Obviously, I’m going to help him,” Cuomo told Maher about advising his brother.
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He also explained why his late father former Gov. Mario Cuomo didn’t make a bid for the White House after being considered a front runner for the Democratic nomination in 1988 and 1992.

“It wasn’t because we’re in the mob,” Cuomo said of innuendo associated with his family’s Italian heritage.

“He didn’t run because he didn’t think he was good enough to be president,” Cuomo explained.

Cuomo was fired for breaking journalistic standards after he acted as an adviser for his brother’s failed public relations effort to dodge sexual misconduct allegations.


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