Hollywood’s truest love! Chris Hemsworth and wife Elsa Pataky have been married for more than a decade, and the couple are still going strong. 

“There are challenges and you have to work hard — a good marriage doesn’t just happen,” the Thor star told New! Magazine in 2020. “I’ve been so fortunate to have had the career I’ve had so far, but my biggest achievement is, without doubt, my family.

The Australian actor and the Fast Five actress first met in 2010 through talent agent William Ward. They were engaged after less than a year of dating, tying the knot in December of that year.

“It did happen quick, and it just felt right. It made sense,” Chris said in a 2016 interview with Now This about his wedding to the Spanish actress. “There was no great plan to any of it to be honest. We were on holiday, and we said, ‘Why don’t we get married too?’ and then, the next minute … There probably should have been some planning, but it all worked out.”

While their long-standing marriage is impressive for Hollywood, things haven’t always been perfect for the couple. In an interview with Hello! magazine, the Fast & Furious alum said, like others, she experiences difficulties in her marriage to Chris.

“It’s not at all easy,” she told the magazine. “No relationship is always a bed of roses, and all marriages are built bit by bit, out of good moments, wonderful moments and also more difficult ones.”

While acknowledging the realities of marriage, both Elsa and Chris credited their children for helping them in challenging times. They share three children, daughter India Rose and twin boys Sasha and Tristan. 

“My children have taught me patience – before they came along, I had none,” Elsa explained, adding that she sometimes felt “overwhelmed” being a mom to three young children. 

Chris echoed a similar sentiment, gushing with pride over his family. 

“My family and closest friends are some of the kindest and compassionate people I know, but my absolute greatest achievement is, of course, my children,” he said during the interview. 

The couple will celebrate 12 years of marriage at the end of 2022. 

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