Solana Summer Shandy is a barrelDAO beer that features NFT avatars of the largest projects on SOL. Solana Summer Shandy, a new beer by barrelDAO is a community-governed brewery. The cans are decorated with imagery from various Solana NFT projects and sold through redeemable NFTs.

There is a Solana smartphone and a Solana online store. Now there’s a Solana beer.

Solana Summer Shandy has just been released today. However, unlike the newly-opened store and upcoming project for a smartphone, this alcoholic lemonade syrupy beverage does not originate from the Solana Foundation, Solana Labs or its core network contributors.

The beer is instead the creation of barrelDAO, which is a brewery/distillery that is controlled by its users. Solana Summer Shy will be released in very limited quantities. There are 333 total 16 packs of beer. Each pack is represented by a Solana . You can purchase the beer today and redeem it starting Monday.

BarrelDAO had planned to launch the sale on the top Solana NFT marketplace Magic Eden earlier today, but was still sorting through issues using the drop. Each 16-pack retails at 1.35 SOL (or nearly $45 currently) and includes shipping to the United States and Australia.

The beer is more than just a name and redemption tokens. The cans feature original artwork by Mark Louihier. It includes references to various Solana-based NFT project collections, as well as specific avatars.

You’ll see imagery and references to Solana NFT popular projects such as DeGods and Degenerate Ape Academy, Okay Bears and Solana Monkey Business.

Barrel Labs’ co-founder and CEO, Dave Goldman, said Decrypt barrelDAO owns approximately 20 individual NFTs. 23 appear through licensing agreements with individual NFT holders.

An NFT token is a crypto token that signifies ownership of an item such as digital artwork, collectibles and video games. You can use them to gain access to events or communities, or they can be redeemed for goods. In 2021, the NFT market exploded with $25 billion in trading volume.

NFT projects offer holders the opportunity to sell their artwork and create derivative artwork, products and other projects. Bored Ape Yacht Club, an Ethereum-based project, is perhaps the most well-known. Its holders have used their Apes to create virtual bands, restaurants, packaging for alcohol and marijuana, and other uses.

Goldman stated Thursday that over the past three days, he and his team meticulously reviewed every NFT used in this design and licensed it. We knew this would spark a huge conversation about IP in NFT space and wanted to make sure we set an example for other [consumer packaged good] brands.

Already there is some discussion and debate about the use of IP rights in relation to NFTs. Yuga Labs’ permissive Bored Ape licence has been a catalyst for many other NFT projects. However, there is some concern about whether current rights grants effectively transfer IP rights to holders. This includes whether they would hold up in court.

Galaxy Digital, a crypto investment firm, released a report last week indicating that the Bored Apes License contains contradictions regarding IP ownership. It claims that Proof and Yuga Labs are among the HTML3 builders who have misled NFT owners regarding the extent of IP rights that they own.

Although it’s still early days in figuring out IP rights for NFTs, that didn’t stop many NFT owners offering their avatars to the Solana Summer Shandy release. It’s an easy conversation to have with a cold beverage.

Topo Gigio, a pseudonymous collector of Solana NFTs, tweeted about including their NFTs from the Boogle Project. “When barrelDAO approached me to use my Boogle for the beer art for their forthcoming release, ‘Solana Summer Shandy’, I was PUMPED to participate,” they wrote.

NFT tokens can be used to purchase real beer. However, barrelDAO will also sell NFT versions the digital artwork. Each edition will be sold for 0.69 SOL (about $23), and holders will receive as-yet unspecified benefits in the future barrelDAO product launches.


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