Craig Wright received £1 in the Peter McCormack Case after he presented “deliberately false evidence”, according to the UK’s High Court. The High Court of the UK has ruled Dr. Craig Wright, who claims to be the inventor of Bitcoin, falsely presented evidence in his latest defamation court battle and awarded him PS1 ($1.23) as damages.

In his judgment, Judge Martin Chamberlain stated that Wright’s original case against podcaster Peter McCormack was “deliberately false.”

Wright claimed that he was expelled from several academic conferences and events before McCormack sent several tweets claiming that Wright wasn’t Satoshi Nakomoto’s mysterious inventor of Bitcoin.

McCormack filed evidence from some of the event organizers to dispute Wright’s claims.

Wright changed his mind and withdrew significant portions of evidence that he had previously submitted. He claimed that the errors were accidental. This explanation was rejected by Judge Chamberlain.

Even though McCormack’s tweets caused serious harm, the judge found no evidence that retracted invitations to academic conferences had been provided. He took Wright’s false case into consideration when he made his judgement and awarded Wright damages of only PS1.

Wright was not entitled to any more than a nominal amount of damages because of the false case, according to the judge.

McCormack responded to the judgment via Twitter. He stated that he and his legal staff were “very satisfied” with the judge’s findings.

Ontier LLP, Wright’s lawyers, also supported the ruling. It found McCormack’s statements had caused Wright a reputational sham.

Wright stated in the same press release, that he intended to appeal the ruling based on the fact that Aspergers Syndrome (a form of autism) had not been considered.

He said, “As expected, bit by bit, the independent courts across different jurisdictions, including those that have juries with the benefit to an examination of all evidence, are concluding that I am who and what I have admitted I am since I was exposed as Satoshi in 2015 media.” “However, too little attention is given to the Aspergers effect my Aspergers has on my communications. I will appeal the negative findings of the judgement in which my evidence was clearly misunderstood.

Wright stated that he would continue his legal fight until “harmful attacks intended to degrade [his] reputation] stop.”

He also stated that he was unable to lie because of his autism and that he couldn’t explain things fully.

Chamberlain stated in his judgement that Wright’s initial witness statement was not only inadequately or infelicitously described, but also false.


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