Former Dance Moms star Lennon Torres has revealed she’s undergone top surgery after she began medically transitioning in March 2021.

“I feel, honestly, euphoric,” the dancer, 23, revealed to E! News in an interview published on Wednesday, November 2.  However, she’s not “over the moon” yet, as she has to deal with a “god-awful surgical bra.” But Lennon says she feels a “calmness and ease,” after completing the latest step in her transition journey.

“I’ve seen my body do these amazing things with estrogen and other hormone replacement therapy options, and my body has really been changing gradually. So, it doesn’t feel like a really huge, mind-blowing moment. It feels a little bit more like, we just made the next logical step, and I couldn’t feel happier about it,” she gushed.

“I think there’s such a narrative about these types of steps. Like, ‘It’s the biggest step ever!’ and we go from point A to point B. I know people have done a ‘before’ photo and an ‘after’ photo — it is what it is. It’s great, I love that, but I think a transition is really a transition,” she explained.

Lennon rose to fame on Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition and Dance Moms and came out as gay when she was 15. She later came out as nonbinary while in college. But it wasn’t until she was at home with her family amid the coronavirus pandemic that she realized she identified as a woman and was transgender.

The former reality star told the Today show in a June 2022 Pride Month interview that her family has been completely supportive. “My dad introduces me as his daughter and (always says) how proud he is of his daughter,” Lennon shared, adding, “My younger sister told me I look like I’m finally breathing, which was something that hit me really hard.”

“I asked her, ‘What’s different from Lennon and Zackery, what’s the difference?’ And my sister was like, ‘There isn’t any difference. It was always you. I just think Lennon is the version of you that can breathe,’” the activist continued, adding, “I just feel happy now, and I think that’s the benefit of being able to breathe and exhale.”


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