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Overnight, $21 million was taken from multi-chain DEX Transit Swap. The hacker returned 70% of the funds. Hacker stole $21 Million from the DEX Transit Swap. Later, he returned about 70%.

Multi-chain DEX discovered that the hack occurred after an attack on its code. It identified it through a self-review. The DEX posted this statement today on Twitter. The firm, which worked with Bitrace, Bitrace and PeckShield, obtained relevant information, including valid information about the hacker. This was confirmed by its post.

“We now have lots of valid information, such as the hacker’s IP address, email address and on-chain addresses. It stated that we will do our best to locate the hacker, communicate with him and help them recover their losses.

Transit Swap confirmed that the hacker had made a return of 70% of the funds. With the combined efforts of all parties the hacker has returned approximately 70% of the stolen assets the following two addresses,” read .

This hack, worth $21 million, is probably the most prominent since was hacked on Sept. 20, 2017. According to Crypto analytics firm Chainalysis hacks are on the rise all year. They claim they are significantly surpassing last year’s numbers.

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