Patio Deck Maintenance Dos and Dont'sYour deck and patio need regular cleaning and maintenance to stay comfortable and safe. Here are a few tips to keep your deck or patio looking as good as new, as well as a few time-consuming mistakes you should avoid.


Deep clean once a year

Use deck cleaners to kill any mold or bacteria on your deck or patio. Then brush any dirty spots and use a regular garden hose with an attachment to clean any mildew covered areas.

cover nearby shrubbery before you begin

The chemicals in cleaners and sealers can harm or kill any plants nearby when they are being applied to your deck or patio. Use a tarp or plastic sheet before you start and keep it loose to allow air flow.

Fix damages right away

Wood expands and contracts as it ages allowing nails to come loose. Small problems tend to become big problems over time, so try to fix anything you see right away.

Continue to clean routinely

Sweep away any debris regularly. Trapped leaves and dirt will cause mold that can rot the wood away.

Sand your deck before sealing

Only sand your deck if you plan on staining the wood again before you start the sealing process. If the wood is already stained do not sand your deck, instead just use a pressure washer. Sanding stained or sealed wood will only remove the stain and make things worse.

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Go overboard with cleaning

If you are pressure washing your deck you will need to be careful not to damage the wood. Keep the nozzle moving at all times while the trigger is pulled. The same goes for scrubbing, do not over-do it and never use wire brushes for tough spots.

Use chlorine bleach

Chlorine bleach can alter the color of your deck or patio. Oxygen bleach is an all-purpose alternative that won’t wash out colors or harm plants, but it still  should not be used on redwood.

Use paint as a sealant

Paint may look nice when it first goes on but before long it will start to look distressed.  Painted decks will create needed maintenance while stain simply fades over time and can be fixed with a new coat.

Assume that pressure-treated wood is maintenance-free

Even though pressure-treated wood is resistant to rot and insects it still needs to be cleaned and sealed.

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