Demi Moore is a pro at walking the red carpet, having stepped out at countless Hollywood events throughout her decades-long career. Rocking a swimsuit comes just as naturally to the Ghost actress, as photos of Demi’s breathtaking bikini body prove she could be a supermodel.

The Indecent Proposal alum isn’t afraid to flaunt her swimsuit-clad self, whether she’s posting photos on Instagram or boasting her figure on the beach. In July 2021, Demi uploaded two mirror selfies while donning a tiny black two-piece during a vacation in Greece. “Getting ready for another day in paradise,” she captioned the pic.

During her luxurious getaway, Demi was spotted on the beautiful beaches of Mykonos, where she enjoyed an outing with her eldest daughter, Rumer Willis. The mother-daughter duo looked incredible in their strappy bikinis as they relaxed on their beach chairs and took in the summer sun. At one point, Demi and the Once Upon A Time … In Hollywood actress took a dip in the gorgeous water.

In order to maintain her fit figure in her late 50s, the Golden Globe nominee is all about focusing on her diet and exercise routine. The G.I. Jane actress once credited her vegan diet and yoga for her trim physique, saying she typically eats raw foods, a lot of greens, fruits and nuts.

Though Demi truly couldn’t look better, she revealed she struggles with body image like many others. Speaking with Harper’s Bazaar in 2012, the A Few Good Men star admitted she once “had a love-hate relationship” with her figure.

“When I’m at the greatest odds with my body, it’s usually because I feel my body’s betraying me, whether that’s been in the past, struggling with my weight and feeling that I couldn’t eat what I wanted to eat, or that I couldn’t get my body to do what I wanted it to do,” she candidly shared. “I find peace when I don’t see my body as my enemy, when I step back and have [an] appreciation.”

Looking back on all she’s accomplished, Demi praised her body for allowing her to “give birth to three beautiful children,” being able to “explore different roles as an actor” and to “be strong” overall.

“You can’t look at yourself in the mirror and tear your body apart,” she continued. “You have to look at it and go, ‘Thank you. Thank you for standing by me, for being there for me … no matter what I have put you through.’”

Scroll through the gallery below to see a roundup of Demi’s best bikini photos!


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