Brunette beauty. The Bachelorette season 19 co-lead Gabby Windey is a bombshell in more ways than one. From her striking beauty to her witty personality, fans quickly found ways to love the reality star ever since appeared on Clayton Echard’s season of The Bachelor. Now that she really has all eyes on her, some fans question if Gabby has ever had plastic surgery to enhance her breathtaking looks.

However, the health care professional has yet to comment on any plastic surgery speculation.

The Colorado native has always had thousands of eyes on her, even before she became a Bachelor Nation all-star. Gabby was an NFL cheerleader for the Denver Broncos from 2016 to 2021. While it seems almost natural for her to end up with a professional athlete, Gabby revealed that sports guys just aren’t her type.

“I didn’t date any football players because I was older, you know, a lot of football players are fresh out of college,” she told the New York Post in August 2022. “I was always attracted to brains versus brawns, sorry.”

Good looks come naturally to the ICU nurse. After she wore a curly updo during a group date on The Bachelor, fans quickly begged the Bachelorette for a hair tutorial. 

“You guys asked for a hair tutorial and I’m gonna do my best. I’m baseline kind of lazy, so I’m sorry. There’s room for improvement,” she said during a February 2022 TikTok. “I do have a middle part because … we do what Gen-Z says,” she continued before noting that she adds extensions in her hair to add volume. 

Being the lead of The Bachelor franchise comes with its challenges. One of which being the constant criticism from fans. Luckily, Gabby took the lead role alongside Rachel Recchia, as they became the first duo Bachelorettes in Bachelor Nation history. Although some fans accepted the new dynamic with open arms, others weren’t too keen on the idea. 

“It was so nice to have somebody else, a true friend, go through it with you. Watching the criticism back and seeing it online, it’s not that surprising, but it’s almost like, ‘Oh, you guys are kind of missing the point,’” she told The Hollywood Reporter in August 2022. “We are giving the men a lot of attention and allowing them to make it about a competition. But if you pay attention to Rachel and I’s story, we’re really not. So, it’s just the nuance of watching it back.”

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