Julianne Hough has transformed beautifully over the years of her career. From her time on Dancing With the Stars as a pro dancer and as a judge, to starring in movies and to landing her role in Broadway’s POTUS, Julianne is a triple threat in showbiz. However, fame comes with unwanted scrutiny, and some have wondered whether she ever got plastic surgery.  

In April 2022, the Rock of Ages actress shared photos of her via Instagram, which some users took as a sign that she went under the knife.  

“Don’t know why she changed her face, she was beautiful before,” one person alleged in a comment. “Anyone else not recognize her? Looks so different,” another wrote, whereas a third went so far as to write, “Looks like @juleshough had some work done.” 

Despite other baseless accusations of Botox and lip fillers in the comments section, Julianne has not responded to the speculation. However, she has addressed her skincare routine in the past. 

“I used to wear a lot of makeup, and bake and contour with full glam, but my whole thing now is less is more,” she told PopSugar in April 2016. “The less you have, the more you can see your actual skin, and I really love that. It’s refreshing.” 

Since she prefers to keep it au naturel with her skin, the former DWTS judge also opened up to New Beauty about how she manages her complexion on a daily basis. 

“When my skin gets very dry, I give it extra moisturizing love around the clock,” she previously wrote on her program KINRGY’s website. “At night, I’ll slather on a heavy cream and during the day I’ll use a less thick (but still protective) moisturizer. In addition, I’ll gently exfoliate 1-2 times a week to remove dead or flaky skin.”

She also gave pointers to readers on how to “avoid breakouts.” 

“So, definitely skip the fragrance,” she continued. “Our skin needs hydration from the inside out.” 

When it comes to trying out different skincare products, the Utah native warned readers that “the more products you mess with, the more you’ll upset your skin as it tries to adjust to new formulas.” 

“Often, less is more,” she concluded. 

As a makeup-free enthusiast, Julianne isn’t afraid to share unfiltered photos of herself via Instagram from time to time. 

“The best days are the ones spent with no makeup on, in workout clothes, at home with loved ones,” she captioned an Instagram selfie in April 2019. “What does your ideal day look like?” 

Scroll through the gallery to see photos of Julianne’s stunning transformation! 


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