Actress Kathryn Hahn is known for her comical film roles in movies such as How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, Step Brothers and We’re the Millers. However, she went on to reach critical acclaim in a slew of franchise blockbusters, including Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse and WandaVision. She also appeared in commercials, with her most recent being a 2022 Amazon back-to-school shopping promotion. Although she looked amazing as ever in the witty ad, it prompted many fans to believe that Kathryn got plastic surgery

Nevertheless, the Transparent alum did not publicly address the claims following the release of the promo, which featured Kathryn walking through a school hallway and interacting with some of the students. She also wore her light brown waves down in a simple style and wore a gray T-shirt, a green jacket and black pants.  

Kathryn has opened up about her natural aging and skincare routine in the past, noting that she “rarely wear[s] makeup in [her] real life.” 

“A lot of the roles that I have done recently, I wear little-to-no makeup,” she told People in April 2021. “Oddly, I wore more makeup when I was in my 20s. I feel like I’m wearing less and less the older I get.”

However, this wasn’t always the case for the Bad Moms star growing up. Kathryn detailed how she dealt with ongoing acne “all over [her] face” up until her 40s. 

“I wore a ton of makeup until I got my acne under control,” she admitted at the time. “[After] having kids, I went on a regimen that cleared it up. My self-esteem, face-wise, really took a leap up. Acne really does something to your self-esteem, especially when you’re on camera. Once that started clearing up, I definitely felt more comfortable not wearing makeup.”

As for her self-care regimen, Kathryn makes it a point to “stay out of the sun” to maintain her glowing complexion. 

“I have a big skincare routine every morning,” she added. “I wash my face. I have a toner. I have a bunch of serums. I love a face oil. The older I get, I’ve been definitely investing in skincare.” 

Aside from just taking care of her face, though, the MTV Movie & TV Award winner explained how her workout routine helps her self-confidence. 

“Working out has become a really important part of my life mentally,” Kathryn said. “I feel beautiful after I’ve worked out. Exercise wasn’t really a part of myself growing up. So, I do feel beautiful when I feel like I’ve accomplished something physically.” 

Scroll down to see Kathryn’s stunning transformation over the years! 


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