Ever since the world got to know Kristin Cavallari as a high school student on MTV’s Laguna Beach, fans have literally been able to watch the reality star-turned-entrepreneur grow from teenager to stunning adult. Because she’s stayed in the spotlight on several other reality shows, Kristin has had to address plastic surgery rumors as her looks changed over time.

The blonde beauty battled back against speculation that she had procedures done to her face after attending the 2019 Golden Globes. An Instagram account posted side-by-side photos of her from MTV’s The Hills with the event and surmised, “It appears she keeps it fresh and natural by lip, cheek and under eye filler and Botox to the frown, forehead and crows feet!”

The post got back to Kristin, who promptly shot down getting any plastic surgery. “I’ve actually never touched my face but thanks for the compliment, I guess,” she wrote in the comments, adding, “Maybe get your facts straight before u start making claims like that.” For good measure, she told the poster, “I’m proud to be injectable free.”

The Very Cavallari star revealed in a 2021 interview with PopSugar that she was against doing anything to her face after seeing what happened when relatives used injectables. “At a young age, I was so against plastic surgery and everything that it stood for because I saw my stepmom at the time lose herself in it,” she said. “My brother actually lost himself in it as well, and so, I really hated it and felt like it was just a cover for what was really going on.”

She continued, “Your face is a muscle, so we need to be working it out the same way that we would any other muscle and that’s the opposite of Botox. So instead of freezing it, let’s work it out.” But Kristin doesn’t judge those who do get work done. “To each their own. I have friends who honestly look better with it — I get it — it’s just not for me,” she explained.

Kristin doubled-down on the fact that plastic surgery is “not for me” during an Instagram Q&A in August 2022. “I’ve never done it, but I’ve seen it look amazing on some people. My concern is we don’t know the long-term effects of it (and I don’t mean five [to] 10 years, I mean like 20 years),” she wrote. “Also, I’m super animated, so I need my face to move, and honestly, my lines don’t bother me.”

Kristin has thanked breast-feeding her three children with giving her a more voluptuous bosom than she had during her MTV days. The reality star and her ex-husband, Jay Cutler, share two sons, Camden, born in 2012, and Jaxon, born in 2014. Daughter Saylor rounded out the family with her 2015 arrival.

Next to an Instagram photo of her wearing a plunging black gown to the 2017 Grammys, Kristin wrote in the caption, “I just wanna thank breastfeeding for making my left boob perkier than my right,” about how they appeared slightly lopsided. The following year at the event, Kristin wore another black gown that showed how her chest was still perky but had become more symmetrical.

However, she revealed she “got a lift after breast-feeding all [three] kids” during her August Q&A.

Scroll down for photos of Kristin’s transformation over the years.


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