Life in the public eye is no joke, just ask Real Housewives of Salt Lake City star Meredith Marks! The ins and outs of her personal life have been watched by Bravo viewers, some of whom have speculated that she has gotten plastic surgery procedures over the years. However, Meredith is adamant that she’s never gone under the knife.

In February 2022, the reality TV star slammed speculation following an appearance on Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen.

“As I am being asked about my swollen face on #WWHL, yes my face was swollen that day. No it was not a cosmetic procedure,” Meredith shared in a since-deleted tweet at the time. “You can see on my insta story pic taken the next day where the swelling is down. I am human. Not every day is perfect. Sorry.”

Ahead of her talk show appearance, Meredith spoke about facial swelling with Us Weekly. At the time, the Bravo personality explained that she uses an ice roller to “get rid of swelling.” She added, “I’m a bit product whore. I love skincare products. I am always trying new things and I got a lot of these products in the box by Dr. Ava. She does a quarterly subscription which allows me to try a lot of new products. She’s just such a talented doctor, always on the forefront of new cutting-edge skincare.”

When it comes to getting her beauty rest, Meredith told Us Weekly that it’s “hard for me to settle down.” She also admitted that it’s difficult for her to “stay asleep during the night.” The reality star added, “I like to sleep with an eye mask because it forces me to keep my eyes closed. If I could open them, I’m going to open them and like start working on my phone or doing something. I’m a restless person. I’m wired. I usually have like a glass of wine too. That usually helps a little.”

Previously, in a December 2020 Instagram Stories post, Meredith revealed that while she has “not had any plastic surgery on my face,” she does “like a little bit of Botox.”

“But it needs to be done properly,” Meredith added, noting she’s “not a fan of filler.” There you have it!

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