Say it ain’t so! Bachelorette couple Michelle Young and Nayte Olukoya have been combating break up rumors nearly one year after getting engaged. Many fans are wondering: did Michelle and Nayte splitKeep reading for clues and everything we know!

Did Bachelorette’s Michelle and Nayte Split?

There have been multiple claims about Michelle and Nayte ending their engagement. Celebrity gossip Instagram account DeuxMoi shared a message exchange that claimed they received “sad news” about the Bachelor Nation couple while chatting with “Not Skinny But Not Fat” podcast host Amanda Hirsch.

“I guess she was crying in their staff room last week with a few other teacher friends and said her and Nayte broke up,” the message from DeuxMoi read. “It happened right before the shooting [in Ulvade, Texas], so [a] really tough week for her overall. I think they are still in contact but no longer together.”

Did Bachelorette's Michelle Young, Nayte Olukoya Split? Clues
Amanda Hirsch/Instagram

Amanda shared the exchange on her own Instagram Story and added, “Yup, I heard this about Michelle and Nayte, too,” with a crying emoji. 

Although Michelle and Nayte still follow each other on Instagram, the teacher hasn’t “liked” a photo on her fiancé’s page since May 29. She even skipped giving a double tap to Nayte’s birthday tribute for her on June 4.

What Have Michelle and Nayte Said About Breakup Rumors?

The Minnesota native first addressed breakup speculation on May 29 after she was spotted without her engagement ring. 

“I typically don’t come on here and address these types of things, but because I’ve received so many messages about it,” Michelle began before trailing off in a video via her Instagram Stories on May 29. “To the person who is paying close enough attention to catch that moment, you also had to be paying close enough attention to see one of my friends briefly remove my engagement ring to try it on and then place it back on my finger.”

She continued, “Just a friendly reminder that Nayte and I are human beings, not a zoo exhibit. Not to mention, videoing someone without them knowing is creepy.”

Are Michelle and Nayte Still Together? 

The reality TV couple has not confirmed their uncoupling, so it appears they are still together at the moment. Nayte even teased that they want kids “one day in the future” while speaking exclusively to Life & Style during the 2022 iHeartRadio KIIS FM Wango Tango on June 4. 

“He was a 13-pound baby!” Michelle quipped during their joint interview, adding that they were taking their relationship “in stride” before settling down. “We are going to wait a hot minute because we have always talked about how we want to travel. We will travel with kids eventually, but we want to travel together first.”

Prior to that, the Austin resident said in February that he and Michelle were still “feeling it all out” in terms of where to live and when to get married.

“We like to make sure that we’re always making very calculated decisions, we’re always looking at all of our options,” Nayte, who had previously talked about making plans to move to Michelle’s home state of Minnesota, said, adding, “Yeah, it’ll happen.”

Life & Style reached out to Michelle and Nayte for comment but did not immediately hear back.


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