Bachelorette season 19 star Rachel Recchia has risen to fame ever since she got her start on Clayton Echards season 16 of The Bachelor. The blonde beauty became a fan-favorite through her charm and unique background as a pilot. However, fame can also bring unwanted attention, including plastic surgery rumors. And some fans have been asking whether Rachel ever went under the knife during her time on reality TV. 

Nevertheless, the Florida resident has not publicly addressed the speculation. She has, however, openly talked about the criticism she and fellow season 19 cast member Gabby Windey have faced for being the first season with two female leaders. 

“Me and Gabby went into this knowing that we were going to respect each other, have open communication,” the flight instructor told People in August 2022. “And we really did that the entire time. There was never really a decision in the beginning we didn’t make without one another. We were always there to support one another. You can see us having our bad days. I’ll have a bad day, and then, something similar happens to her. So, I think if anything, we just grew more than we could have imagined as friends.”

Rachel’s statement came amid a flood of accusations against her, claiming that she wasn’t supportive of Gabby. 

“She needs to support Gabby,” one social media user commented under one of Rachel’s Instagram posts that month. “It’s all one-sided.” 

Despite the criticism their unique season faced, Rachel continued to keep her head held high and focuses on her own interests, including her career as a pilot. The Chicago native even opened up about how she has witnessed stereotypical assumptions when it comes to a woman managing a career. 

“Not only just women in aviation, but women in any sort of industry where you have to always be working a little bit harder than everyone else to be recognized,” Rachel said during the “Click Bait With Bachelor Nation” podcast in February 2022. “You can’t make the same mistakes as everyone else, because if you make them, it’s like, ‘Oh, well, of course Rachel made that mistake.’”

As an avid traveler, Rachel also tends to show off the picturesque destinations she’s visited, as she’s shared multiple snaps via Instagram over the years. 

“Dreamy flight day to the keys,” she captioned a stunning Instagram video in June 2022, which included a clip of her wearing pilot’s head gear. 

Scroll through the gallery to see photos of Rachel’s stunning transformation. 


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