From The Notebook, to Crazy, Stupid Love and to BarbieRyan Gosling has won hearts all over the world for his charming film roles. The Canada native got his start on The Disney Channel’s Mickey Mouse Club and soon catapulted to heartthrob status by the early 2000s. Since he has transformed from child star to a grown actor, fame included some negative attention — including plastic surgery rumors. So, why do some believe Ryan went under the knife? 

Over the years of his career, fans have speculated that the Gray Man cast member received a nose job. However, Ryan has not publicly responded to the rumors 

He has, however, addressed the harshness that social media can bring, as the La La Land leading man doesn’t have certain public accounts such as Instagram. 

“Well, you know, in the age of the Internet, I know the worst-case scenario. There’s no mystery anymore,” he told GQ in December 2016. “You know, there’s no secrets. The comments section of anything, you can’t go into. That’s the new bathroom wall.”

He also touched on how he grew up with a mindset of disliking the “arbitrariness of control that people seemed to have over [him]” when he was a child. 

“I think my mother encouraged that,” the First Man actor explained. “I had one teacher, because I was dancing, he thought that was funny, and he would make jokes about it in class, and my mother said, ‘You know, if [you ever] like he’s being disrespectful, you can just leave.’ And I did one day. I called her and said, ‘Hey, I left.’” 

Before he became one of the most notable names in Hollywood, Ryan recalled how he developed his sense of compassion toward others. 

“Like, when I saw Dumbo and The Elephant Man — I felt like those films were smashing down some wall inside of me and creating a room called empathy,” he added to the outlet. “And being very grateful for having seen those films even though they were painful, and the idea of watching them again was scary because I didn’t know that I wanted to feel those things again, but it did feel different after seeing them. Like they had exposed some part of myself to me that I didn’t know was there.” 

Aside from the sky-high fame he achieved later in life, the Academy Award nominee discussed why he doesn’t enjoy being in the public eye too much. 

“I think there’s an idea out there that you become an actor because you like to be at the center of attention, or because you’re a natural performer,” he said. “Which in some cases I’m sure is true. But I feel more often than not that what drives you to become an actor is an instinct to disappear.”

Ryan isn’t focused on his image or fame, though. He is, rather, more concerned with his daughters Esmeralda and Amada, whom he shares with Eva Mendes

“Time, in general, is something I think about a lot now,” he told GQ in a separate interview in January 2022. “My kids are growing up so fast I need to keep an eye on the clock in a way I never used to.” 

Scroll through the gallery to see Ryan’s transformation from the peak of his career. 


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