Was working on two different plans today for our coming business projects for Carson Investment Services LLC.     From the assembling some more work on this third game to creating a incentive annual yearly membership fee.     For the moment we have 11 business licenses registered with the state of Oregon, but between our four business partners discussing more ideas for future project plans.     Elizabeth is most definitely joining us and I love the businesswoman that is inside her and most certainly all her love.

       It took me 11 years since me and Angie had divorced back in 2010 and so Angie wasn’t to interested in these ideas that I began laying down the foundation.      That started back in April 2004, but over that time I have been adding pieces and looking for business partners over those years.     Now things are moving towards phase II by the end of this year of 2021.     Here is this article on the semiconductor shortage: what the US is doing about the semiconductor shortage,.        Now to the dollar, the US dollar has hit a recent low of $92.85 going into early Monday morning 7/26/21.     It has been as highest of $92.96 and is at $92.86 at 9:40 pm PST.       Here are the stock futures: DOW is down by $144.00, the S & P 500 is down by $12.25 and the NASDAQ is down by $12.00 at 9:42 pm.      Tomorrow evening on Monday 7/26/21 I’ll be examining the MACDs against the dollar, some of our investments are beginning to show the positive blue line raising the price level up on the stock.      Another thing is that the US dollar is near its 52 week high and seeing that the negative red line will drag both lines down on the MACDs and bring the price on the dollar down.


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