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As it expands into web3 territory, the media conglomerate seeks legal assistance. Disney is focusing on “next generation storytelling.” According to a LinkedIn job posting, the Walt Disney Company is seeking to hire transaction lawyers to explore emerging technology opportunities including NFTs.

The job advertisement stated that the candidate would work with business teams to plan global emerging technology projects across other segments, such as the metaverse or decentralized finance.

The job advertisement stated that the candidate would “assist in performing due diligence for NFT and blockchain, third-party marketplace, and cloud provider projects, as well as negotiating and writing complex agreements for these projects.

Transaction lawyers typically review mergers and acquisitions and other complex business transactions.

This post was posted on LinkedIn Saturday morning. The post was published on LinkedIn Saturday morning. The Mickey Mouse conglomerate appointed a veteran Apple executive as Vice President for a “Next Generation Storytelling Creative Experiences” and then moved a consumer experience executive to the position of executive vice-president within its “Next Generation Storytelling & Consumer Experiences.”

Chapek said that next-generation storytelling is what he called it backstage at the Anaheim expo on Sept. 10. “We don’t use the M-word as often because it has so much hair.”

It dropped the Walt & Mickey “Partners NFT” on the Ve app last year.

The Walt Disney Company’s new lawyer will be working in its legal department within the corporate transaction unit. He or she should have at most five years of experience managing complex corporate transactions.

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