Draymond Green has taken accountability for calling Kendrick Perkins a derogatory slur.

Earlier this week, Green said on his podcast of Perkins, “You go from being enforcer to c–n.” Perkins fired back at the use of the term, a racist expression for a black person. Green released a special podcast on Wednesday night to clarify what he meant and take accountability.

“The other day when I was speaking, I used a word that carries a racial connotation,” Green said.

“When I used the word, I could’ve very well replaced the word with clown, idiot, moron – I could’ve replaced the word with anything, and continued in-stride. The word that I’m speaking of is I used the word ‘c–n’. As you know for me, I don’t hide behind anything I don’t stand behind, and I stand on what I mean and what I say.”

Draymond Green took accountability for wrong choice of words after calling Kendrick Perkins a 'c--n' on his podcast.
Draymond Green took accountability for calling Kendrick Perkins a ‘c–n’ on his podcast.
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Green said he has reached out to people like ESPN’s Marc Spears and Stephen A. Smith for advice about how to grow in the media industry.

“I used the word c–n. The area of growth for me is understanding in having this platform there comes a responsibility … I’m taking full responsibility,” Green said.

Green relayed that he had a 45-minute conversation with NBA commissioner Adam Silver recently, and that he also went to the league office in New York to meet with his longtime mentor Joe Dumars.

“We caught up on a lot of things, but we spoke about the word,” Green said. “I shared with Joe D. like ‘Wow, that’s very interesting because I didn’t think of it in that perspective’. I’m no idiot. I do understand the word c–n is used in a racial way. However, growing up, culturally things are different. We all grow up in different places. We all use words different. Like I said, I could’ve easily replaced it with clown.

“Growing up where I grew up, you may say to one of your boys, ‘Yo, stop acting like a c–n.’ For me, it’s like, ‘Stop acting corny. You’re on some weird type stuff. You don’t have to do that. That’s wack.’ That’s what I was implying. But, everyone didn’t grow up in Saganaw, Mich. Everyone didn’t grow up with my friends. This is such a huge moment in growth and learning for me as a rookie in this industry that the word does not mean the same thing to everyone.”


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