When it comes to her fashion, Kate Middleton is pretty modest. However, sometimes the Duchess of Cambridge has a rare braless moment! Whether it be an old photo from the early day of her and Prince William‘s courtship or just a low cut gown for a star-studded event, the fashionista is always turning heads when it comes to her style.

For a May 2022 appearance at the Top Gun: Maverick premiere, Kate showed some skin and stole the show with her black and white strapless dress. Her Roland Mouret gown was skin-tight and showed off her body while she was escorted by one of the film’s stars Tom Cruise to meet the rest of the cast. Following the event, the cast couldn’t help but gush over meeting Britain’s royalty, with star Jay Ellis telling People it was “absolutely amazing” to meet William and Kate. 

Of course, this isn’t the only film premiere that the royal family has been spotted at over the years! The couple is often photographed dressed to the nines and shaking hands with some of Hollywood’s biggest stars whenever their movie premieres occur in the U.K. Over the years, she’s made headlines with her outfit choices at these events — and others. In fact, Kate’s somewhat modest looks have even been noticed by various fashion designers who have spoken publicly about her outfit choices.

“A princess should be sexy. She is young, she is beautiful — I would like to create something special for her, but nothing too bold,” Roberto Cavalli, for one, told British Vogue in July 2013. “I would like to prove to the world that Roberto Cavalli can dress a princess. Maybe I would use a print, keeping it young, sophisticated, and sexy. Just because you are a queen or princess, it doesn’t mean you can’t be sexy.”

Well, it’s safe to say that Kate has proved over the years that she can be both sophisticated and sexy, especially with her stunning braless looks. Scroll through our gallery to see rare moments of the Duchess of Cambridge attending events in outfits without wearing a bra. 


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