Country superstar Elle King always encourages her fans to embrace their self-confidence by sharing stylish photos of herself via Instagram. From stunning red carpet outfits to candid bikini moments,  the “Ex’s and Oh’s” singer loves to inspire others to be proud of their own fashion sense. 

In November 2015, the Los Angeles native opened up via social media about exploring different styles and getting tattoos. 

“The beauty of the body is what we make it,” Elle captioned the post at the time. “I never felt confident until I understood how freeing it is to be yourself. I started getting tattooed and dying my hair so that I saw beauty that I created, and in turn, I got the best gift you can ever give yourself: Self-love. Love yourself for who you are. Confidence is the sexiest and most attractive trait a person can have. We are all individually beautiful. Life would be so boring if everyone looked the same.” 

This wasn’t the first time, however, when the Grammy Award nominee addressed her perception on body image. One year later, Elle explained in her Up Close and Personal film interview that she always felt “awkward looking” when she was younger. 

“So, I would look in the mirror, and I didn’t feel beautiful,” Elle admitted. “My mom always raised me to love myself; she always told me I was beautiful.” 

The Love Stuff artist then explained how her self-image matured over time. 

“You’ll never feel beautiful unless you believe it inside. I had to go on my own journey to find that,” she added. 

After getting various tattoos throughout her career, Elle pointed out that she “learned to find beauty in the differences in the world because [she doesn’t] look like most people.” 

“I don’t sing, walk, talk, act like anyone else,” the Country Music Association Award winner noted. “That’s what I think is beautiful: People that stand out. Because if we all looked the same, I think the world would be a really boring place.”

The blonde beauty continues to inspire her fans to love themselves. Throughout her pregnancy with her first child, Elle posted multiple photos of herself via Instagram, showing off her growing baby bump. Elle shares son Lucky Levi Tooker, who was born in September 2021, with fiancé and tattoo artist Dan Tooker. 

“Guys, you should see me float,” the “Drunk” singer captioned an Instagram post in March 2021 alongside a picture of her at the beach while pregnant. “It looks like I’m smuggling a beach ball.” 

Scroll down to see Elle’s beautiful bikini and swimsuit pictures! 


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