When you know you know. Emily Ratajkowski nearly broke the internet when news of her February 2018 courthouse wedding to Sebastian Bear-McClard surfaced. Now, more than four years later, their love has stood the test of time. 

“I thought about it for about 30 seconds,” Emily joked, referring to her shotgun nuptials during an April 2018 appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. “No, it was a city hall courthouse wedding. I guess I didn’t know what I always wanted to do, which is maybe why it was so untraditional.”

“I wore a mustard yellow suit and a black hat which was all part of my plan to not be noticed,” she added, just six weeks after tying the knot.

During that same appearance, Emily detailed Sebastian’s romantic proposal admitting that he “didn’t have a ring.”

“He proposed to me at Minetta Tavern [in New York City],” she said. “He didn’t have a ring, so I was like, ‘Mmm, nah.’ And then, he took the paper clip that the bill was paid with and made me a ring, which I actually thought was really romantic.”

The pair went on to make their wedding rings themselves. “We walked into Chinatown and bought, like, an ounce of gold. And he was like, ‘We’ll melt down the gold to make the rings.’” Though she admitted to being skeptical, she went on to say that they “hammered” out their “temporary rings.”

“I just feel like making it yourself, like, how could you be more personal?” the Inamorata founder said.

Though the model has gushed about Sebastian being a great husband, she admits that he has room for improvement when it comes to being an “Instagram Husband.”

“He’s a good photographer but not [a good] Instagram photographer,” she told People Now in June 2019. “His pictures are too cute for Instagram — they’re like me being a dork, in a robe.”

While he may not be the one behind the lens of her many viral bikini photos, and they tend to keep their relationship private, Sebastian has been known to make occasional appearances on her social media. 

“Two years ago at the courthouse” the California native wrote in an anniversary Instagram post in February 2020 alongside a video of the couple’s first kiss as husband and wife. “10/10 would marry again (& again & again & again)”

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